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Take a look at the honest reviews and see why should be your choice for Psychic Readings! Read it and Vote and Rate Yourself.

Thousands of clients have made their choice for personalized authentic psychic readings.

PsychicOz psychics consistently receive top ratings from their customers, so you can relax, knowing that your psychic is both experienced and talented.

What’s more is that you have 24/7 access to the best psychics in the industry via email or phone.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with PsychicOz:

  • PsychicOz screens and tests their psychics more completely than any of their competitors. PsychicOz are proud to have only the most gifted and authentic psychics in their team of professionals.
  • PsychicOz service is very affordable. They have everyday low prices, not just special introductory prices.
  • Each and every reading begins with one free minute, so you do not need to worry about paying for the connection time.
  • Every new customer gets an additional free three minutes after making an initial deposit.
  • No prepayment is necessary. You may pay safely and securely via credit card, debit card or PayPal when you’re ready for your reading.

PsychicOz psychics are ready to assist you in finding your way to love and a more fulfilling life.


  • They Screen and Test Psychics Like No Other Competitor. As results they have best gifted psychics.
  • Psychics are very Affordable. They have low prices not just introductory prices.
  • Every reading with any psychic advisor always starts with 1 free minute.
  • Every new customer gets additional Free 3 minutes.
  • No prepayment – pay safely and securely via PayPal.
  • Real Ratings and reviews for Each Psychic on their website.
  • Anonymous and private
  • Numerous Reviews from Independent Websites
  • Great Introductory Deals for New Clients


  • They do not have large number of psychics, they prefer have quality vs quantity.
  • Some psychics are getting busy as many clients want to call them.



  1. “Aldwyn had some very cogent — and encouraging — things to say about a somewhat-puzzling new relationship. She gave me just what I need to round-out my sense of the sitch and to have a bit of patience (not so easy for this triple-Aries).

    Aldwyn is quick, she’s really smart, she has bulletproof integrity, and her reads are accurate. She’s my go-to when my own intuition is clouded by emotion or wishful thinking, and she’s VERY inexpensive for what I’m getting.”

  2. Always provides a peace of mind

  3. Thanks for always being there for me

  4. It’s always a pleasure to speak to Lucas. Very intuitive and self assured.

  5. Thank you MysticSage for some great insights you have.

  6. NativeSeer’I think you had valuable insight. But I know for a fact you were filling up the minutes to waste time and prolong the conversation. I didnt feel like you readily listened to my questions… you were ranting. I don’t like feeling taken advantage of during this really stressful time.

  7. “MysticSage. Very quick and clear
    with insights! Will be calling back. Thank you. S. :-)”

  8. Thank you Seer2020 for nice reading .

  9. “Your always on point and accurate!! Just
    awesome!!! Thank you GiftedMary.”

  10. Love her so down to earth !!! Alway wonderful talking with Harper

  11. Thank you AdvisorLilly to Great call! Thank you so much and blessings!

  12. “Love Tiffany tunes right in and gives a very accurate and straightforward reading of
    the player(s) in the situation. I know she’s accurate because of the things
    she mentions that are not explicit or even implied in what I say I’m calling
    about. She’s very personable, her feedback and suggestions are very
    actionable and practical, and her great compassion comes through in her
    voice and manner…. and she has a great sense of humor. Can’t recommend
    her too highly, especially given her very inexpensive rates for the depth of
    what she offers.”

  13. “Thanks so much for your support! Great knowing that you’re only a
    phone call away!Adwyn, Thank you!”

  14. Very helpful. Thank you Meka

  15. He was able to tell me things about myself I did not share with him. Very intuitive and straight to the point. He responded quickly to chat. I felt like my minutes were used wisely and I did not feel like my money was. He also was able to take all my questions at once and then answer. I highly recommend a reading with Taylordee.

  16. Monica has read for me a few times. I have always felt like she connected to me well–she could tell how I was feeling. A lot of what she says I have no proof of being true as of the moment but I do believe it to be true. I believe this to be such because this past reading she told me the POI would contact me no later than Monday(yesterday). Low and behold POI did contact me….since POI had me wait I decided to make the POI wait until this morning for a reply. When I replied POI responded immediately and we chatted for a bit back and forth. I am glad this prediction has come true and it leads me to believe the circumstances she saw surrounding POI are true as well. I would like to have another conversation with her because I have a few more questions I would like answered. I also appreciate how calm she is with me during the call. Thank you Monica.

  17. OMG she picked up my issue perfectly….. I absolutely loved it!! Love Ladylight.

  18. Bella is amazing. Thanks for the podcast information! 😀 hugs


  20. MamaSita, thank you as usual. I get better and stronger after speaking with you. I see the changes everywhere. You have unclogged my drains (;

  21. Bella I love our conversations! You’ve really been such an important part of my journey. I’ve learned a lot from you and will keep learning as I appreciate and admire you so much. From my soul to yours, xox 🙂

  22. Thank you as always! Literally my rock and an amazing teacher! Liked the ending comment today…wedding/baby girl wasn’t expecting that today! Lol. Love it! Always know how to cheer me up!

  23. Always love speaking to Nadia! Always has this great ability to help me see things in ways I have not thought of! Love the way she just keeps the information flowing!

  24. I love TueWisdom, she is my go to…she is always on target with my situation as it continues to unfold. Topaz thanks for the validation I never asked but the time was right to find out and it just gives me validation and clarity knowing and will make it much easier for me to do what i have to do…

  25. Always worth the wait for GiftedGoerge, everything she has predicted has come true so far and waiting on one with the timeline she gave

  26. Nicola has taught me how truly unimportant those dreaded timelines are. They’re not important. Enjoy the moments as they come. Nicola can reassure you if you’re feeling impatient. Let her show you the outcome and if you’re struggling waiting for it to pass, let her ease your frustration along the way!

  27. Huni is a very good advisor except the only thing is she’s more about giving advices rather than really being a psychic which is not a bad thing either. Her advices has helped me a lot .. on top of that she is funny and understanding as well.

  28. First-time chatting with GiftedGeorge, he was very in-tuned with my situation. I was impressed; will definitely chat again.

  29. Thanks so much Sofia–you always tell me exactly what I need to know!

  30. Very fast and comforting, told me that I wasn’t waisting my time which is good to know. Thank You IntuitAlex

  31. Great reading Queen was accurately on point and very direct….!!!

  32. IntuitAlex was excellent. He was very accurate. It is hard to get time frame but I am sure it will evolve in the right time..

  33. Queen was able to read the energy of my person of interest immediately and gave me excellent advice on how to move forward in my relationship with him. I
    . she is one of the best psychics I’ve ever talked to and I’ve talked to several !

  34. NIcola is amazing! You deserve so many blessings! Thank you for always being there and being positive and real with me!

  35. Miss u lots…ur always busy INtuitALex…i really need your positive guidance in handling my situation at hand.hope to speak with you soon

  36. If i can give her ten stars, i would! MissTula is the best! She saw images related to my life that no one else has ever mentioned or has known! She is truly a blessing ! – Maureen

  37. I loved how LadyLight used my spirit guides to help guide me in the right direction. She gave me confidence to assure myself that everything was going to ok with what was happening in my current situation.

  38. Always direct and pleasant. I’ve spoken to LadyLight several times and she’s been wrong only once.

  39. MisTula, I wish it didn’t cost to talk to you because you have become a person I can trust. Thank you for all the readings and your patience. Also, thank you for not getting annoyed when I always call about my S man.

  40. MissTula has gotten me through so much of my panic & anxiety regarding a romantic relationship and now some career issues. Her accuracy rate is amazing. She’s amazing! Funny and friendly. She just seems like an old friend – actually I consider her to be a friend. MissTula is awesome. I highly recommend her and like to give her a good review occasionally just to prove to everyone that she’s still got it. For me, she’s been dead on… MissTula, you are the best!! 🙂

  41. GiftedGeorge must be so sick of me by now….another great reading.

  42. Amazing and right on as usual Nicola. got the call right when you said i would!!

  43. She connected with my grandma accurately, it felt so good to have some communication with her. Even though I know she is with me, it is so nice to communicate messages to and from her through a trustworthy channel. I go to MissJ for many things that have been accurate in the past, this was the first time I have gone to her to connect to a passed loved one of mine. She is more than just a reader!!!

  44. I have read with MissTula 3-4 times, and I will never forget the first time! It was like I could feel the energy coming from her! I almost wanted to cry when we finished, because it was like she talked straight to my heart and soul, I understood excactly what she was talking about. It is true what others say here, she reads your soul and the souls of the involved you are seeking answers about.

  45. Love her!!!! Accurate and to the point!!!

  46. MamaSita gives me good suggestions, I hope what she told me will comes true.

  47. Katey told me that my ex would be with me and was not stupid enough to mess things up. Well I heard from and surprisingly says he wants to patch things up! Beautiful and sweet lady!

  48. I love you GiftedGeorge and spirits! Thank you always for watching over James and I under your mighty wings of protection. Light and love always. Pls send my regards to your family.

  49. Very in tune with me. Knows exactly what I’m feeling without me having to tell her. Accurate and amazing

  50. Such a great call. Upbeat, fun, honest, sweet, caring. I can’t wait for the time frame she sees. Super happy. Worth more than 5 stars


  52. If i can give LadyLight a ten stars, i would! She is the best! She saw images related to my life that no one else has ever mentioned or has known! She is truly a blessing ! – Maureen

  53. What would I do without my MissTUla. Thank you and everything is falling into place. Tahoe was not there but I had a great weekend!

  54. It’s an excellent connection , detailed answers Adri. Thanks.

  55. Followup from August. Dorothy nailed the job that would become available and the timeframe.

  56. Thank you so much Queen! You are amazing and I appreciate you very much…

  57. A reading from MissTula…a delight and a benediction…

  58. Surprised me with his reading but seemed to connect with Lucas. When all predictions come true I will get back on & tell you.

  59. Wonderful, wonderful advisor! Serenity is the best!

  60. Dom knows his stuff. Very good.

  61. Aurora knew and picked up on a deep struggle in my life and with an important relationship. She guided me on a plan of action which has left me feeling more inner peace and with much needed guidance. Now to do this, move forward and hope what she sees happen come around. Thank you Aurora.

  62. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  63. Very caring! Starangle is straight to the point and told me not to worry.

  64. Norie has been so helpful along my journey. She’s so kind and loving and really has put me at ease so many times. Thank-you!! Can’t wait for it all to pan out 🙂

  65. Zylisaa truly puts her heart into each reading! I can’t thank you enough!

  66. He was superb in picking up the situation. He knew nothing about my situation but delivered right into telling me what he saw and was spot on with all other top advisors. I know I will call him again very soon.

  67. Serenity brings such positive energy to every reading, it is truly a joy to speak with her. I can literally feel the positive energy as she reads for me, and I always end each reading feeling much better as a result.

  68. Zylisaa is absolutely amazing! Her warmth and energy and humor put me at ease right away, even though I was a bit frazzled when I reached out. She was very clear and direct, and so loving and supportive all the way through the reading. She encouraged questions and put things in perfect perspective for me.

  69. My first reading with MysticTopaz. She is such a sweetheart. I didn’t have to give her too much information and she was able to sense everything on my mind. I will be back. Thank you for your gift!

  70. Maureen is truly my one and only! She is my go to, she is so deeply spot on full of very specific details that make all the difference in understanding what is going on behind the scenes, not to mention, after her sessions, you truly connect back to such a deep and abundant part of yourself. She is the best of the best…xx

  71. Starangle is such a bright light. She’s got great gifts, gives accurate insights to important matters in life from relationships to business. This chick is so quick, but very kind and makes me smile. Huge hugs and thanks to Starangle. I absolutely love her.

  72. Her prediction came to pass. Sunshine said I would get a new job and I did. In start on the 11th. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

  73. Awesome, candid and straightforward. Zylisaa is so easy to talk to and everything she has predicted even in previous calls have happened! She is awesome no judgement!

  74. Ms Solutions was spot on in the reading tonight. She knew so much about what is going on in my life without any input from me. So happy I called her!!! Thank you!

  75. This was my first time with Misstula. She seemed very intuitive and we connected. I’ll have to wait and see if predictions come to fruition.

  76. Diane give me a clear instruction. I think I know what to do. Thank you

  77. I felt a connection with her more than other physics. She made me feel a lot better in a time of distress. Vero feels genuine. I can’t wait to see if the reading is accurate. My heart feels a lot more content.

  78. Hunter, you are the best on this site, I have to say.. that your readings are realistic, you do not tell anyone what you do not see or feel. I know that I probably ask you the same thing when will Mr. Right ever come into my life, anyway, Hunter is by far the best she tells you what she sees… I hope that my new love interest comes soon. Thank you for all the readings over the years Hunter.. hugs..

  79. Lilia, you are the best on this site. I have to say.. that your readings are realistic as you do not tell anyone what you do not see or feel. Lilia is by far the best as she tells you what she sees..

  80. Always my favorite advisor ever. Beth knew what I was going to ask about before I mentioned it. Undeniably gifted. Picks up on every little thing. I barely have to say a word. Wow.

  81. Love this woman. Astrologically what Beth knows makes PERFECT sense ALWAYS. Very kind and nicest way about her to deliver news you might not truly want to hear, but “is what it is”. I wish I could talk to Beth weekly, I think I would have a better grasp on much more! Love and prayers to you. XOXOXOXO

  82. If you couldn’t tell by her long line, CherryLyn is the real deal! She picked up on my situation quickly without much information given. She gave me her vision, advice, and an estimated time frame (with the disclosure that time is relative and based on free will). I’m waiting on her predictions to unfold, but highly satisfied!

  83. Beth is so worth the wait! Once you read with her you will understand why. Very blessed to have connected with her! Blessings always!!!

  84. When I speak to Solutions, I always feel a sense of calm and that things will turn out the way the’re suppose to.So far she has been correct in her predictions for me.She is really nonpareil.

  85. Robin’s gift is priceless. Truly, at the my most confused state, at my darkest moments in terms of my love’s journey, besides prayers, there are only Very few advisers whose guidance I can, I want to seek. Robin is clearly at the top of that short, short, short list.

  86. Robin is the constant sign from Heaven I always receive whenever I ask for one to,guide me. Her gift is phenomenal and it is blessed and comes from the Divine.

  87. I always love talking to Robin. She reads me so well and has been a great advisor to me. I wished I could have talked longer but my phone dropped my call!! 🙁

  88. As always Robin is the best on this site! Always a great pleasure to speak to her, she is very soothing and nice to speak with. Thank you Robin.

  89. You are the best Cindy.. I just wish i could talk to you everyday… I love you so much. Thanks a lot!

  90. Thank you Renee for calming me down today… I have been struggling with my ordeal for a long period of time now. Just your kind way of explaining things helped me very much. Thank you and God bless your beautiful soul.

  91. Gifted and Consistent. Audrey is the best. If they would have 20 star rating possibility, i would have given her 20 stars.

  92. Excellent reading. I’m so excited for things Ginnie sees and I believe she has a TRUE gift. She’s my new GO TO person Love her! 🙂 Don’t hesitate to try her, you will be pleased! 🙂

  93. Always great to talk to Tula! She is an amazing reader, teacher, and soul. I look forward to speaking with her again in the future and feel more than confident with the information she shared with me.

  94. There is a reason Angelica’s line always is busy. I really happy she gave me more insight into him and looking forward to the future.

  95. Thank Zylisaa! It was a very positive reading and I hope things will pan out just as you predicted because I genuinely feel like there is a very special connection me and H have together 🙂 I will keep u update again.

  96. One can never go wrong getting a reading with Joan, just a pleasure to speak with.

  97. CherryLyn is always to the point, picked up on everything, felt very calm after speaking with her.

  98. Noel is my favorite and is always wonderful to talk with. Always upbeat, positive, & truthful. if you need some answers, she is the advisor to talk with!!!

  99. CherryLyn was fast and a very good reader! I am so thankful!

  100. She is so supportive & very helpful. Thank you Martha.

  101. I appreciate Nancy very much. She is compassionate and kind. Thank you so much Nancy for your prayers, your patience and for being a caring person.

  102. I cannot wait to read with Angelina again!! She was fabulous!!!!

  103. Always a pleasure speaking with you, Vanessa. You are amazing.

  104. You are encouraging, kind and most importantly, not afraid to tell me the good and the bad. Vero, thank you for sharing your gift with not only me but everyone who comes to you for a reading.

  105. Vickie was spot on concerning a relationship I have had for over 5 years! I only spoke with her via call for 10 mins, in the first minute she hit the nail right on the head already!

  106. It’s always a five star reading with you, Linda. You put me at ease and have helped me more than you know. Thank you for being so understanding, compassionate and loving. I can hear it in your voice how caring you are. Thank you so much!!

  107. I consider our sessions a life coach session. I have come a long way in my personal lows. I am happier now. And so now when I read with you it’s easier on my spirit… you guided me Dolly. I get excited with what’s about to happen next, I love your visions that just flash before you as we talk. I can’t wait to talk to you again Dolly.

  108. Christopher, you knew it was me on the phone before I even said my name! Thanks for all the help.

  109. Thank you soooo very much Kim! I don’t always rate but God knows how grateful I am for your insight and advice. I appreciate that you are so kind, compassionate and no judgmental.

  110. Thank you so much for all your help Dolly. Thank for your kindness and compassion. You are a blessing. Now all I can do is wait and see….

  111. This is my first review and I been using PsychicOz for more than a year and with various readers. But there is something special with Tula on how she picks on people the energy and you know she is the REAL thing. The way she connects with you. I hope her timelines come through! I know energy and vibes could change. I am just hoping!

  112. The best!!! Luke definitely opened my eyes, to see D in a different whole different way. I definitely have some choice to make.

  113. Selena is the best. It is very easy to chat with her and she always hit right on the point. I can’t get enough of her. She always gives me the comfort to go on. Love her to death.

  114. She is incredible! Sena really helped me see the truth.

  115. The truth you tell, the light you bring, the hope you instill, and the faith you nurture with every reading are unparalleled. No one but you Robin gives me quite the depth of understanding of the extra-ordinariness of my love life. Your gift of seeing, of guiding is, to me, a testament to all that is joyous and lasting in this world. I cannot than God enough for you.

  116. It was a very calming and wonderful reading. Thank you Sita!

  117. I always love speaking to Alex. I hope her predictions come to fruition.

  118. I love Nicholas. He is amazing to talk to, he’s very genuine…

  119. It was such a honour to speak with you early this morning Nicholas, you picked up on the situation and the person in question so well.. I’m confident in your predictions. Thank you is not the right words of how grateful i am to have spoke to you. Blessing to you and I hope to talk again soon.

  120. Wow! First time reading with Alex and I was so glad that I waited for it. Thank you for your insight. I was impressed with everything that you were able to pick up on.

  121. What would I do without you? Zylisaa, you are possibly the most amazing person I know. My life is so up and down. Thank you for helping me put things into perspective and teaching me all about having faith..

  122. Janet is filled with such wisdom and insight. I appreciate her patience with me as I quite often may repeat myself! Please forgive me for any doubts. I may have as I know you have been on the mark before. Not only do you share your gifts but you are a gift, Janet.

  123. Well Tula, I deleted her from my FB yesterday! I decided to live my life in spite of others. That means her and M. Quite freeing. Not sure how he feels about it, but I don’t care. I have to make my decisions based on how they will serve my mental health, not if she is going to go ape shit on him or not 🙂 No more damned if I do, or damned if I don’t. She is no longer a factor in my life. Thank you for all the help.

  124. Aloha Sita! You always help me so much and I only wish I had more money and could talk longer… You are always such a great person talk to.. You’re so insightful and at a time where I am so lost. You are my psychic mom haha 🙂 much love !

  125. What can I say about Robin that I haven’t said a gazillion times? She is light in the dark. A kind and giving soul and a warm voice that never fails to put my life in perspective.

  126. Zylisaa sees things clearly and is always on target. She explains clearly to help me understand about my situation, and her gifts reassures me what I can expect in near future. I leave the reading with renewed enthusiasm and hope!

  127. Awesome and highly accurate! Amazing. Sita does not judge, she is patient and has a huge heart.

  128. Thanks for your clarity. I love my reading with Heather, she is awesome and right on track with both of my readings.

  129. Kristine absolutely blew me away as soon as she began talking to me. She picked up I was creative and a children’s book writer. Kristine nailed it! I didn’t even tell her. She picked up accurately on many many things that are currently happening in my life. I’m so excited for things she sees and I believe she has a TRUE gift.

  130. Zylisaa, you have such a way about you that is so endearing and truly genuine. You picked up so much and filled in a lot of pieces for me that makes sense. I pray that things will get back on course and get better. I thrived off of your positivity. I appreciate you for sharing your gift and will be calling back soon.

  131. Thank you Serenity once again for an amazing and accurate reading. You’re an angel.

  132. Never go wrong talking with her.. I just love this woman. Shelly, I promise you will receive a call from me the week of my Birthday. Until then, lots of love and light from my heart to yours…

  133. Fantastic… She is the real She told stuff about my past so precisely.. I am just amazed with Sabrina.

  134. Rita was fast and a very good reading.Thanks for your honesty and insight in what you see!

  135. She described a scene, waiting to see if it happens but i felt like Sophia didn’t really told me much about what to expect in my situation but looking forward to the scene.

  136. Thanks Martha, although it was just 5 mins but u made me sooo happy! I will definitely call you again… Thanks.

  137. Thanks Kristine! I finally saw him after so long. If you have not had a reading with Kristine, you are shortchanging yourself! Thank you so much Kristine!

  138. Sita, you’re the best one for me. You gave me good insight and you’re very accurate.

  139. I just want to say she is by the far the best, she actually predicted that I would get a call from the place that I apply for a job for and low and behold they called me really really wild.. I hope her other predictions come to play as well. Thank you Robin you are a very sweet person.

  140. Adam! You have been right all along!

  141. Katherine, you are truly wonderful. Thank you so much for being a psychic and a friend.

  142. OMG!!!! Sita, did I say you were the best or amazing? If not I’m telling you now… I just talked to you today. You said I would get my money from him.(tomorrow) today, I texted and told him I was home and would leave his receipt for tomorrow. Like you told me too! Well today, he called me and said he was going to stop by his sisters which lives 6 blocks from me and he would call when he was coming this way. He brought my money over today. There is no one who is 100% but you’re damn close with me. Talk to you soon.

  143. Molly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story about angels as you are truly one yourself..Your readings are truly so inspiring.

  144. Dee is a real gem on this site. i find her reading to be extra specific and has really opened many doors into understanding the complexities on my situation. i use here regularly, and get amazed over and over. Highly recommended.

  145. I love speaking to Robin. She is awesome!

  146. Alicia, thank you so much for the insight. You’re amazing, it was my first time speaking with you and I feel we connected very well.

  147. Amber is the exemplifying psychic. Her and Ginnie predicted the same reading. I believed her. Both psychics are my favorites on the list and spending accounts.

  148. Just don’t know what to say other than she’s great. Debra confirmed my suspicions and gave me comfort in my situation. She is so sweet!

  149. OMG!!! How do I explain all the readings I’ve had with Christopher. Christopher has been there through thick and thin with me. And everything he says has come true in more than one way. If it wasn’t for Christopher, I don’t know how I could have made it through all this. I’m in a tough position right now and he has been my rock through this tough time.

  150. Donovan is good, see’s things that are incredible and no way he could know them if no one has ever told him.

  151. Isabel totally made my day! She is wise beyond words, and I love that whatever she “”sees””, both good and bad – is delivered with such compassion & grace.

  152. Dee is excellent. She always pin-points issues and tells me the accurate outcome of each. She is one of the best.

  153. Thank You. Great call. Katherine picked up on things without me even having to tell her. She knew my boss lied on me and she said he would try to set me up and she was right!

  154. Hadn’t talked to Ruby for a long time. My reading was great! So funny things haven’t changed though…lol I will be in touch to catch you up on my situation. You are fantastic, Ruby!!

  155. Thank you so much Sara. I have learned so much today from you and my grandpa. I would definitely never forget the conversations and all that happened as we spoke. I am very very grateful to have you on the phone as all was happening to guided me. I am sorry I ran out of funds but i will definitely be call you again. You are the greatest.

  156. Excellent reading. Raven really has a gift. She has been accurate with timeframes down to how my POI mood and focus will be for a period of time.

  157. As much of the feedback on your page. You have a heart of gold, Katerena… I will definitely call again.

  158. Debra, sorry we got cut off towards the end. I’ll call back after Saturn leaves Virgo. As always, I appreciate your candor and your gift!

  159. Nicole is definitely one of the top advisors on here. She is great, and very accurate. She described a person down to things that he has said to me, exact words! She is truly gifted and 100% recommended. Hard to get but is so worth the wait!

  160. Jessica, I waited for so long to call you and for some reason i don’t know what happened to the call. I would like to talk to again soon re my situation. You are so good and i trust your predictions. You didn’t fail me before. God bless. Thank you very much.

  161. Thanks Ashley for everything. I had to call her twice over last week just based off her way she explains things. In past what’s she’s said came to happen so she’s one of my fav. I love how she talks. She’s a sweetheart.

  162. Debra, thank you for everything and keeping me calm through all of this.

  163. Thank you again for being there for me. You’re really kind Donovan.

  164. This was my first time calling. Ginnie was kind and compassionate as well took the time to listen to as of why I was calling. Her reading has provide me with great insight to my situation. She stayed steady fast on what she read and gave me a consistent outcome to my liking.

  165. Jessica has lots of knowledge of my situation and very caring and sympathetic advice.

  166. Thank you Tula, you were spot on. You pick things up naturally. Unfortunately time ran out, hope to speak with you soon and pick up where we left off.

  167. Freya is amazing! She was on point with everything she told me. She was so in point about my love life to the point it scared me to hear what she said! If you are looking for a true psychic, please use Freya. I will use her for my readings from the day forward. Just amazing!

  168. This was my third call with Molly over the past year. She is kind and empathetic while also being direct. Molly provided reassurance and comfort while also talking about hard things. I highly recommend her.

  169. I felt a real connection with Tula, and was so comfortable. She was non-judgemental and very informative. She helped me so much, definitely will be scheduling another reading soon!

  170. Krystal is the best reader so far on PsychicOz! She was very detailed and on the spot with my situation. My time ran out but I had to put more money in because it was getting good lol. Thank you foot your help and I will be returning.

  171. True facts. Amber immediately knew the situation without a word from me. Thank you!

  172. Aurora guided me to understand what I need to do now.

  173. Thank you for the reading Sadie. Your were so warm and kind and non judgmental. You picked up on the situation without me telling you lol! Thank you for reassuring me about being on the right path. I will follow up with you in the near future. Thank you!

  174. Amber is the best. This is my second readings with her. She is so amazing. A truly gifted and beautiful soul.

  175. Very pleasant and good intuition. Will have to wait and see if predictions will come through. Thank you.

  176. Maya, your prediction came true about contact. Thank you very much 🙂

  177. Carol, thank you for your high hope, and insight to help to see what I truly want to know. You give the truth well, and thank you!

  178. Molly is the best psychic on here. Trust me her prediction are always accurate.

  179. Robin has been one of my favorites for a while. Whenever I speak with her, its a good call. She is very quick and to the point. Wastes no time into the readings, very astute and intuitive.

  180. Kind and trustworthy. I cannot wait to call Sena again for further updates.

  181. I am really impressed how she picked up on someone’s emotional and mental being to the T with just giving her a name. I even tried testing her by asking stuff that I already knew the answers to and Amber answered correctly. No BS and straight to the point. Thanks Amber.

  182. Amber is clear and consistent! I love her energy and she makes me always remain positive! Hoping for all predictions to happen!

  183. She’s always spot on. Shana has never been wrong.

  184. Always good at reading others. Sam is a strong empath!

  185. I have been calling Ginnie about 2 different people and she has been spot on about the two them and she never sugar coat.

  186. I do feel that she picks up on things, usually those that are very subtle, subconscious like thoughts. Shana is really gifted.

  187. Debra is quick and skillful in connecting to me and my situation. Thank you for your insight.

  188. Nicole was amazing very on point. I will definitely call her again.

  189. Thank you for the insight. Zoe is very friendly.

  190. I will surely recommend Tomas to anybody looking for the best, most accurate reading.

  191. Short, honest and to the point! Thank you, Carol!

  192. Unbelievable. Thank you, Shana. I never have I spoken to anyone who was able to connect with my situation more than you were able to. It wasn’t just a connection through feelings, Shana stated facts about what was going on without asking any leading questions. You are a true inspiration. Thank you so much!

  193. I like how Victoria asks spirits questions to get yes or no answers. And she is very straight forward. I really recommend a reading with her.

  194. I call Ginnie every time I want to know what my guy has on his mind. She describes him very accurately. She told me he will contact me before the holidays, and it happened. Thank you Ginnie very much!

  195. I’ve called Debra before and I can’t express enough on how accurate she is with everything. To the point and straight forward, no any other advisor has delivered the same insight. I didn’t have to say much about my situation and she picked up exactly what is going on. Her time frame of outcome is to the point.

  196. Laura is really fast, picks up on situations with little information. Once the information she provided me comes to pass, I’ll give her 5 stars.

  197. Jamaine definitely picked up on stuff going on in my love life.

  198. I always reach out to you when I am desiring peace of mind more than anything else. Thank you Jamaine.

  199. Thank you again, Nicole! I love you so much.

  200. Samara, thank you so much. Sounds just like him everytime I check in with you. Very consistent.

  201. Jem’s the best! I had two readings with her, she did know quite a lot without any info. I will try her again.

  202. Carol! I am so impressed with you! You nailed every single thing! Thank you so much!

  203. Denise is amazing as always!! Many blessings to you.

  204. Always inline with other advisers… will call again. Shelly is very nice.

  205. 5 million stars. Joy’s the best kept secret!

  206. Thank you so much for being there for me Marie. Your readings are like none other, thank you again.

  207. I have never been closer to my life’s journey… I called Sita to be amazed!!!

  208. She knows what she is talking about. Amber is patient and very consistent.

  209. Thanks Heather! I got the courage to talk to him after we hung up… He sounded just like you mentioned.

  210. Sophie is amazing! She is always spot on!

  211. Lizzie was really sweet and spot on. She was super accurate and quick with details. Will update when prediction happens. Try her! She’s worth it!

  212. Thank you, Maya! You’ve been tremendously helpful!

  213. Stephanie is just simply amazing! She is so easy to talk too, always spot on and my go to every time!

  214. Stephanie is simply amazing! She’s my go to every time!

  215. He is a warm and obviously loving person. Luke’s messages are heartfelt. I do feel a special connection with him and I feel fortunate to have him as my psychic.

  216. Very personable. Luke has the answers to my questions.

  217. Thank you so much, Amber. Not what I wanted to hear but I know you are likely right! Thank you again.

  218. I loved the reading with Sabel. She was very kind and compassionate while also providing a great amount of detail on the situation I wanted guidance on. It was a very powerful reading and provided me much needed clarity. I would highly recommend reading with Sabel. She’s the best 🙂

  219. Michele knew what to tell me, I barely had to say anything and her advice /suggestions were spot on. Thank you Michele! I will call you for advice and insight on future situations.

  220. Celine is amazing! She is my go to and no matter how many times you’ve spoken with her, she always thanks you for chatting with her again.

  221. I have a special connection with her. Maya knows her stuff.

  222. Had a great reading with Robin! She’s like a friend who knows everything.

  223. Ann was very easy to talk to. I had questions about different area’s in my life and Ann helped me to view these area’s in a different light.

  224. I believe Maya was spot on in her reading and able to connect with me to validate the things I was looking for which was amazing. Maya was very sweet! I very much enjoyed our time together.

  225. Always kind and honest! Hopefully things will eventually work out like Kelly said!

  226. Wow. Without me giving any information, Anna knew POI was in a relationship and other things about me. Probably one of the best readings I’ve had on this site.

  227. Robin is the best I’ve ever worked with.

  228. Incredibly accurate, insightful, caring and positive soul. I highly recommend Ginnie! In fact I already have… twice! Both people I referred came back and shared similar experiences with me.

  229. Always fabulous! Andrew has been good to me even though I’ve been so impatient and moody. He’s been spot on as well.

  230. Francine is very nice and she knew issues before I even asked! Francine is awesome.

  231. Connected immediately and gave me insight. Samara is wonderful and very accurate. My 3rd reading with her. 5 stars all the way!

  232. Stephanie is a very good reader. She’s kind and honest. Give her a try.

  233. If you read this Aaron, This is Gracy. Thank you so much for being so brutally honest yet in such a soothing, kind way.

  234. Amber just has a way about her that makes you want to stay on the phone talking for hours! Not only does she have a soothing, beautiful voice but she has a beautiful spirit that permeates everything she says. She knew details no one could possibly have known and she knew them almost immediately.

  235. I liked Sita even though I ran out of funds and didn’t hear what she said before we were disconnected. Sita picked up that I was waiting for contact from someone before I said anything to her. She described his personality very well, she predicted contact from him so I will have to see if her prediction and time frame is correct, I am hopeful we will resume our relationship after contact.

  236. Waiting to see how everything unfolds. Great reading with Loree.

  237. Thank you Faye for your comforting words and insight. I have to be patient with my soulmate. |It is the most difficult trial I have ever lived in my life. Ultimately, there was a purpose for this. Call Faye for a reading, you will be amazed in her abilities.

  238. You are the best, Sable. I wish I could talk to you everyday. Thank you so much!

  239. Thank you, Barbara. I needed that reminder. I will talk with you more next time. And thank you for being honest, Barbara.

  240. Thank you for being there, Penny. I love you and you’ll be my only psychic.

  241. Zen is the kindest advisor with the most generous and giving spirit!

  242. You are a true angel, Sable. I will keep reminding myself about everything that you told me.

  243. Hope to speak to Blossom again. She is very easy to speak to.

  244. Robin said this week things would surprise me with communication with Brice and it’s starting to unfold. She never failed with her predictions.

  245. Ella is always fantastic! Very talented and gifted psychic.

  246. Always a pleasure to speak with Samara. She is always nice and pleasant!

  247. Just a joy and pleasure to speak with Troy. There’s something new every time we speak!

  248. One can never go wrong getting a reading with Jules, just a pleasure to speak with.

  249. One of the best. Ella is very calming and reassuring for sure!

  250. Molly is an excellent reader. She is very specific to my situation and consistent from reading to reading. She builds on the last reading and is very empowering. She also teaches and provides information on how to improve and grow in your life. I will definitely continue to use Molly.

  251. Always uplifting to talk with Samara! I will recommend her to everyone.

  252. Irene is highly intuitive. You can ask her anything and she’ll answer you sincerely.

  253. Ronnie’s awesome. She stated my job would close and it did. I will call her again since all her prediction was spot on.

  254. Everything you said panned out. Thank you for all the guidance and clarity.

  255. Amber, I am trying so hard. I know that it will take awhile for me to completely move on. I’ll follow you.

  256. Carol, you have been the most detailed. Great reading! I am looking forward to your prediction coming true! Thanks! I feel better now!

  257. Thank you Sable. You put my mind at ease. It was a great reading and you picked up so much! I will definitely call back!

  258. Thank you for being patient and considerate. You dont have any idea how much you helped, Donovan.

  259. Sable is a master psychic. She’s non-judgmental and she knows it before you even ask a question. Thank you.

  260. This was actually my first reading and I just had the most amazing reading with Camille. I was blown away by the things she told me. What she said makes lots of sense and very logical. What impressed me most is that she was able to pick up on and describe my ex to a “T”, and I did not even ask about him! She was also able to pick up on my boyfriend before I even told her anything about him!

  261. I’ve been speaking to Zen for about 1/2 year now. She’s just amazing! Doesn’t give me fairy tales, just the truth and is always ever so patient with my redundant questions. For these and many more reasons that I can’t think of right at this moment, she’s my favorite on this site.

  262. Kate is wonderful! She is the reason I use She is very good when it comes to timelines.

  263. I love your voice and your kindness. Ginnie, you are fantastic! I’m sorry I didn’t have more minutes but I will chat back. You’re amazing!

  264. Tula is as good as her feedback says. I look forward to speaking with her again!

  265. Great call. Donovan is very concerned with his clients and he’s totally spot on.

  266. You definitely keep me grounded! Sandra, thank you for not giving up on me. I will follow my spirit guide’s advice.

  267. I love you, Charm. Thank you for helping me through this very difficult time.

  268. Rita, what you told me was right on. Thank you for the reassurance. You are very kind and sweet. I will start working on that book!

  269. Rita, I wanted to let you know the new job did not work out. You were right when you said your guides say it would be boring for me.

  270. It was a very nice talking to Stephanie. I will call back for an update. Thank you so much, Stephanie.

  271. I absolutely love Astra! She’s in line with all top psychics and she’s always very encouraging!

  272. This is was my first reading with Steven. He is very gifted, I was impressed.

  273. Taylor totally made my day! Hoping that her prediction will come to fruition like before.

  274. Thanks Carol. You are always spot on and it’s scarily accurate.

  275. Thanks Fran as always. Your readings area always full of information.

  276. Great and fascinating astrology chart reading with Autumn’s talents!

  277. Rita, thank you for always giving me the inspiration and the courage to do what’s right for me.

  278. Ginnie, I spoke with you few months ago and found out last night that everything you stated was true… Sorry, it took so long to get back to the feedback. You’re awesome, a trusted friend.

  279. Hi Jules, sorry we got cut off towards the end. I’ll call back after Saturn leaves Virgo. As always, I appreciate your candor and your gift!

  280. Thank you very much for the clarity that you gave me regarding the meaning of my dream. I feel much better now and will let you know what happens next. You are a very special and gifted lady and I trust in what you tell me. Thanks again, Lanka!

  281. Madison is truly gifted… I was blown away with her!

  282. Kate was very honest and accurate. She will amaze you with her gifts.

  283. First time I have ever spoke with Kayla and there was an instant connection! We both felt like we have spoken in the past. Thank you so much for your predictions.

  284. Angelique was sweet and I liked her energy. Predictions were consistent with other ones I had received earlier.

  285. She is great and so accurate with her insights. Thank you. You deserves 5 stars, Jeni.

  286. Serena is consistent and very descriptive. I really absorbed my reality when she described the future situation.

  287. Thank you, Kate. I love you so much for being you and for being the best psychic ever.

  288. Thank you so much, Samara. You are an angel and I appreciate all your help.

  289. Hi Brooke! It was nice to connect with you again. You are an amazing advisor and such a nice person. I want to thank you for a great reading and I can’t wait for predictions to unfold.

  290. When life has me down or troubled, Stacy gives me hope and lifts my spirit. Awesome advisor!

  291. Ginnie is nothing but wonderful. She’s been pretty accurate about my POI and our situation and she’s kept all predictions pretty consistent. I can only hope that the latest one do come to pass because it’s all my heart has ever desired.

  292. Camille is the best advisor ever! I always have fun talking to her and she gives me comfort all the time.

  293. I absolutely love Melanie! She is my trusted and go-to advisor. There is a connection I’ve made with her since my first reading and I trust her guidance! Each interaction is more detailed and builds on the previous ones.

  294. There is a reason Ella always has a wait and it’s because she is amazing! Ella is able to give you an honest and accuracy information. She won’t give you fluff, just valid realistic details about your situation! Thank you so much, talk to you soon!

  295. When I’m looking for a more detailed reading, you never let me down. It’s amazing how detailed you are about the people and things you see. Thanks for the peace of mind.

  296. Truthful, accurate, unbelievable honest and straightforward… Those are the words that describes Sylvia.

  297. Audrey is amazing as usual! No one is better at getting to the heart of a situation aside from her! I would be so lost without her.

  298. Another wonderful reading with Natalie. She is awesome. She is my one of the favorite here. Thank you for your reading and clearing my anxiety, Natalie. Thanks and will call you again for sure.

  299. Always awesome! Donovan has been very awesome in giving me accurate readings for the past 5 months. He helped through a lot of hardships.

  300. Camille has an incredible gift. She has answered all of my questions pertaining to the past, present and future. She truly is remarkable!

  301. Charlotte is truly gifted. I was taken back when she mentioned something about my son when I asked the question, she mentioned two things. What she said actually did happen within a matter of a few weeks. She is gifted!

  302. Brooke is the baddest in a great way. She totally knows everything and can give a very good advice.

  303. Amber is amazing with details and accuracy. No one else can even be compared to her.

  304. Charlotte, you are truly amazing. Your ability to see and know exactly what is going on in someone’s mind is truly a gift from God. You are always right.

  305. Chloe is amazing. She’s one of the best readers I have ever had. Right on with everything and I can’t wait to talk to her again.

  306. Arjun is always right on. One of his predictions already happened.

  307. Great! Jade was totally spot on about him.

  308. Thank you, Bianca. You’ve been very helpful to me and I appreciate the kind words.

  309. You hit it right on the nail. Thank you for all the insightful reading, Mimi.

  310. Jose is kind, detailed and honest.

  311. Ronnie’s readings are very professional and non judgmental. She is one of the most sought reader in here. I would definitely call back in future even if it’s just for curiosity.

  312. 5 stars as always! Neo is incredible and I feel at ease whenever I talk to him.

  313. Amber made predictions and fortunately most of them came to pass already.

  314. Silver is truly a gifted psychic and she’s been so accurate.

  315. Thank you, Farrah! I really appreciate the detailed insight you provided as we all helping me navigate through hard times! You are amazing!

  316. Dee was absolutely amazing! She nailed it on the timing saying he would contact me starting yesterday and he absolutely did. My hope is that she is correct on how the weekend will unravel. Thank you!

  317. You have seen a lot and I am hoping that it pans out as to what you have seen. I have my favorites or my go to but I had read your reviews and tried you out. And I guess the reviews were right about your gifts. Thank you, Molly.

  318. Ginnie is awesome and I always feel a sense of peace when I talk to her. God bless her.

  319. I’m sorry we were disconnected. I really appreciate you, Serenity. I thought it was a very detailed and accurate reading so I will just wait for what the future holds. Thank you very kindly.

  320. Can’t say enough times how amazing Ronnie is! She reads my situation perfectly every time and always remembers the details the next time we talk. She can pick right back up from where we left off the last time. Truly gifted and incredible!

  321. Valerie is awesome. .. Thank you for your gifts and understanding!

  322. I loved Destiny. She knew how my love interest was feeling and it sounded just like him. She knew the situation without me giving any information. She is very compassionate.

  323. Thank you for your endless guidance and support, Valerie! I always look forward to our readings as I know you will always guide me in the right direction! I will take your advice and let things happen naturally!

  324. Kayla is amazing! Down to earth, salt of the sea. She has been consistent in her readings with me and always on point.

  325. Thank you for the incredible and insightful reading. I’ll be back, Lily.

  326. Thank you for your kind nature. It’s always good talking to you, Adrianna.

  327. Brooke always gives such great detail in explaining what is going on behind the scene. Thank you, Brooke!

  328. Molly is the kindest person I know. Forever grateful to her for being with me on this journey. No one compares to Molly.

  329. I had an awesome reading with Randi. She hit the nail on the head when it comes to my POI.

  330. I always turn to Brenda when I am anxious regarding my situation. Recently, what Brenda has told me has come to pass and continues to give me hope. Thank you, Brenda!

  331. Ginnie, your short-term prediction of contact happened sooner than expected, thank you. Hopefully, I will see him soon too. Thank you for helping me stay mostly sane.

  332. Thank you for the information and explaining timelines to me. I hope my poi makes the prediction this time, Serenity.

  333. You have been of great support to me during this tough time, Kate. I love the way you show me the path and tell me why and what is happening . Will come back again sooner. Thank you once again.

  334. Paige is amazing. Her honesty and accuracy in the reading is very much appreciated.

  335. Very on target with the family members we spoke about. Felt much better that you confirmed what I was feeling was going on all along. Thank you so much for all the insight and detailed input, Jackie.

  336. Robin is great! Thank you Robin for being there and also for checking up. I really appreciated your insight!

  337. Always a pleasure! I always feel like I am reuniting with my soul sister! She is wise, direct and compassionate! She is always accurate and will never ever do you wrong! I love ya!

  338. Sylvia has been my go to. She is so caring. I always feel better after I chat with her. Sylvia’s prediction has not come to pass yet but I’m still holding out hope.

  339. Great reading with Nikki! It’s worth the wait to speak with her. So glad I had an opportunity to read with her and am looking forward to the next few months.

  340. She is the best. Many great readers here but Rita is really special.

  341. Thank you so much for your insight, Ginnie. I can easily comprehend everything.

  342. First reading with Dee today and she definitely became one of my favorites.

  343. I had to confirm to her that her predictions had passed. Raine gave me good insight about my personal life. Just know I’m always and willing to wait for my turn instead of resorting to other advisors.

  344. I want to say thank you for helping me get centered after a crushing disappointment, Rocco. It’s the worst to get your hopes up and then be let down. But you definitely helped with your insight as to what happened tonight.

  345. I can never say enough good things about Tiffany. The way she’s able to give details and insights into what’s going is amazing. You are my friend, advisor and a true blessing. I will be in line again very soon.

  346. Thanks for our talk today, April. I wish I could have talked longer. It’s disappointing and hurts that he hasn’t spoken to me but I know it’s bound to happen since you gave me a heads up. I hope something good is coming my way soon. I don’t know how I would manage without you.

  347. Amazing reading. Faith hit so many points and gave me a lot to think about, great clarity of the issues. Faith, if you are reading this then thank you for the message. Everything we talked about really hit home for me.

  348. Thank you for the help, Satine. I followed your advice and told him what you told me to tell him. Thank you for guiding me all throughout.

  349. Hannah is able to focus in on an answer. She will slice thru the cloudiness and/or chaos to enable you to take a course of action that will be effective.

  350. It’s funny how predictions work but thank you as it helped me to get ready. I was glad that I spoke with you before it happened, Maria.

  351. Carol is a doll. Not only does she speak to you as if she has known you for years like an old friend but she remembers details from past conversations. She has been spot on with personality traits of those in question and all of her smaller predictions. She gives good advice to help manifest the larger predictions and I pray she is right. Thank you Carol, I appreciate your support and guidance.

  352. Sorry we were cut-off, Janelle. Want to thank you for your reading and insights. I hope everything turns out as you see it.

  353. Excellent. Ivy will be willing to work through every detail with you, while remaining very engaged and caring.

  354. She is right! I don’t know why I question it! I usually get confirmation a month or so later from him. I would have let my emotions get the best of me by now but thanks to having her to talk to to, I am able to be patient. I do get emotional but I don’t react. Ginger’s guidance and insight has helped me tremendously. I don’t always get to tell you Thanks, as I run out of time. I hope I hear something by the time we speak again. Meanwhile, I will reread my notes and try keep positive. I believe you, when you tell me what’s going on. You are a true blessing and I can’t thank you enough.

  355. I believe Sena when she says he’ll contact soon. Sena, thanks again for listening and providing me with guidance and insight. I hope I hear something soon… You say I will, so I will hold on to that. I reread my notes from my readings with you and it helps me when I’m feeling emotional. Talk to you soon.

  356. I am really grateful that I have Raine to talk with. She has been nonjudgmental and listens to me talk about same situation over and over again. Thank you so much Raine, I hope I see changes soon. You are a true blessing.

  357. Dorina was very easy to talk to. She characterized my ex very well and she answered many questions about career. When I was prompted to add more money the service said the money was added and then cut me off. Complete bummer! Guess I’ll wait in line again.

  358. She is so amazing! Camille’s predictions have come to light over the past few months. Cant wait to see what happens with other prediction.

  359. Nova stated I would get contact after the weekend, if not sooner. Today is Monday and the POI reached out me this morning.

  360. It was great speaking to Rocco, I am hoping his prediction is correct.

  361. I hope Charlotte’s prediction will come to fruition soon. The advise she gave me way great.

  362. Jacey is very good but I’m hoping her prediction that I have asked her about comes true. The prediction match with appearances and I have faith she’s right. Worth the wait.

  363. She has shared many things and some that i cant validate unless the person in question confess. Then skepticism creeps in, i questioned and challenged Ginnie many times. When things started to fall into place one by one it all makes sense. The person in question confessed. She even picked up he has addiction!

  364. I am completely blown away! I was anxious to talk to Charlotte about the prospect of getting back together with my ex-boyfriend. I had believed for a long time that we would, and lately I have had so many reasons to give up my faith. I promised myself that if Charlotte told me it wasn’t going to happen, I needed to move on with my life. I nervously held the phone while she shuffled the cards… She immediately said, “wow, this isn’t over”. You’re getting back together and that’s going to last forever. I then told her all of the reasons and signs I have had lately as to why I was worried that we wouldn’t get back together. She quickly read those concerns and explained them all and the explanation made complete sense.

  365. I don’t get impress easily or too often enough to write a review. Dee knew details that she had zero clue about. She was quick and direct. I respect her abilities as a psychic with her ethics and intellect. Thank you, Dee. My best blessings to you, R.

  366. Rory, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. You always manage to keep me sane in the midst of a completely insane situation. So glad to know that all this is coming to an end soon including an engagement and a marriage this year! Thank you so much.

  367. Serenity gives excellent advice. She helped me make the right decision about my failing love life.

  368. Amazing! I waited to rate so I could see if any of reading come to pass! Amazing! Rocco said things that didn’t make much sense before but it actually happened! Rocco was completely right!

  369. Jim, you were so right. Everything you have said is slowly unfolding and your predictions 2 months ago have been coming to fruition. Next several months are the important events to occur. I will be talking to you soon, I am in your line and anxiously waiting to hear what you will see with me and JM. Thank you!

  370. Absolutely accurate and remains firm in her prediction! Thanks for sticking in there with me, Emily!

  371. I appreciate Zara’s reading and what she felt. I will see how things turn out. She was very in tune with my situation.

  372. Always right. Said I will hear from husband by weekend and I heard from him on Sunday. Said husband has a lot of love for me and I believe Samara.

  373. Dee is always so hopeful and positive that my guy is coming back. Though timelines change, she always sees the same outcome. I always feel better after talking to Dee because I need her reassurance.

  374. I will be sure to call back to continue the reading because there are still some questions I would like to ask, Luke. But other than that, the reading was very informative and did ease my speculations a bit. Thanks, I’ll be sure to call again!

  375. Consistency, accuracy, straightforward and the honesty, gee she has it all! I was in panic mode, just one call to Madeline, she cured it, isn’t it amazing! Thanks so much, sorry didnt say goodbye but i will talk to you soon.

  376. I am so happy with my reading with Savannah. She was very honest, insightful and very helpful… Will definitely call back.

  377. You told me to let go but I didn’t listen and it complicates everything. I will follow your advise from now on and wont be hard headed, Janelle.

  378. Ivy’s reading is very accurate. She gave me the time frame and sure enough, it happened as she said. Great with timeframe, what will happen and how things will play out. Worth every penny! Ivy is also nurturing and non-judgmental. It’s like talking to a friend. Thank you, Ivy!

  379. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always walking with me through thick and thin and for being my second mother knows me best. You have a compassionate and have a pure soul. I’m lucky for knowing you, Annabelle.

  380. The visit happened just as Katerena predicted. She has been on point with timeframes for me.

  381. Very good advisor, Molly offered some information that was very surprising that I had never shared with anyone. Very talented and recommended!

  382. Awww, I love you Farrah! Thank you thank you very much! I still have these emotional tears from the beautiful conversation we’ve had yesterday! I cried happily when you said you’ll be right there by my side even till I conceive in the future, it means so much to me. Thank you for standing next to me through thick and thin, and I will be here to support you my sisters through thick and thin as well.

  383. The greatest ever! A true friend, angel, sister and light! Thank you for everything and even more than words aren’t enough for all the blessings, support and charitable love you’ve genuinely showed to me. Please continue to pray for D and I, Agnes.

  384. Robin is great. She was right about her prediction about going away for the weekend… When things didn’t go as planned with the trip and it was emotionally painful, she was there with a hug over the phone and a shoulder to lean on… She is making good predictions about the future and I know she is there also as a friend not only as a psychic.

  385. Right once again. He did contact me but he was not a happy camper from my message which was just like you said but you were right, Katerena!

  386. Oh Samara… you were right! The work moved closer as you told me. We will talk soon!

  387. Lydia is my calm when I’m in storm mode. She is gifted and kind beyond words.

  388. I love Donovan. He’s very patient and extremely accurate. Definitely worth the cramps in your hands from trying him over and over. One of the best and I’d be lost without him!

  389. I will always continue going to Ronnie. You won’t believe it until you try her. She is outstanding!!! You won’t be disappointed whatsoever.

  390. Thanks for being there when I need you, Nellie. I just wanted to let you know that what you thought was going to happen… It did in about 2 days!

  391. You are always my main reader, Agnes. Accurate, I’ve had your predictions come to pass in the time frame you said.

  392. Great detail and extremely accurate. I highly recommend Sita!

  393. Good, talk to you again. Thank you so much for your gifts and patience, Sophie.

  394. You told me that she would still come around and you were right, Gabrielle! Thank you for that great prediction.

  395. I love Sita. She is a mother and best friend all rolled into one.

  396. She gets straight into it. Sammy is an effective and confident reader.

  397. Deborah is brilliant and insightful as always! She’s especially helpful in situations that feel very drawn out/confusing. Deborah’s readings are consistent and accurate every time.

  398. Very great reading. Alexis is so Intune with spirits and cards.

  399. Thank you for always providing the reassurance and comfort needed, Tula.

  400. I used to read with Sydney years ago and she is always right. She will tell you the truth call her. No fluff, she jumps right in.

  401. Thank you, always appreciate your insights. Jacey is one of the best.

  402. Agnes is one of the best and such a fast reader.

  403. Thank you so much for your time, Marie!

  404. Love all the guidance and accuracy Mel provides. She knows a lot and it’s easy for her to connect.

  405. Love Daisy. She is straightforward and doesn’t waste time. She doesn’t keep you on the phone to keep you on the phone, which has me always calling Daisy back for more because I trust her.

  406. Francesca’s great. I can’t wait to come back again.

  407. Love her. Debby’s great. Can’t wait to come back.

  408. Eva is a beautiful reader with such positive energy.

  409. Thank you so much, Nellie. You are so gifted. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

  410. One of the best readings. Raine is very intuitive and tells you what she sees.

  411. Daisy has so much good energy. Always an amazing reading. I can’t wait to call back.

  412. Jojo is rapid fire and very accurate! Sharing the truth as it is, you can rely on her guidance in every aspect.

  413. Wow, this advisor has a gift. Francesca provided new information and I will call again with updates. Thank you!

  414. I’m always looking for Brooke whenever I need a reading. She gives me more accurate details.

  415. Zara, our calls always end before I can say thank you! You have given me hope during my darkest times and during my difficult times of self-healing and self-improvement. Thank you!

  416. Always, always a fantastic reading with Bianca. I cannot wait for her predictions to come true! Love ya!

  417. Angie’s the one. She’s been really helpful with my situation and I can’t thank her enough for it.

  418. Sydney is quick and amazing! I haven’t spoken to her in months and she picked up on pretty much everything that is holding this union at bay. I look so forward to her predictions. I’m smiling now and feeling less anxiety. Thank you!

  419. Wow! The other reviews are right! Marie so quickly connects to my situation. She shows me my guide’s affirmation sign to believe in. Hopefully the predictions unfold soon.

  420. Brooke was amazing. She was straight to the point indeed like rapid fire. Everything she said was true. Waiting on things to pan out.

  421. It’s not easy finding someone to “get to the point” and be able to relate the information as I would better receive it. I never felt judged. Ginnie kept it real.

  422. I always run out of time and never get to say thank you, so thank you! I will call back, Shana.

  423. Said he was planning a trip. 2 days later, I found out he was planning a trip. Vera seemed very legit.

  424. So excellent. Sita is right on with my POI. Feeling good with life and direction I’m headed. No matter what, I feel I’m finally coming into my own and it’s been a long time coming.

  425. Amazing reading. She confirmed a lot of things the other have said. Finger crossing that Angie’s timeline comes to pass.

  426. Vera picked up on things from my cousin who recently passed that there was no way she could have guessed. How did she pick up the color purple which was a long running joke between my cousin and I. When she said that my cousin was showing her that color, I knew she was the real deal.

  427. I just love how Alaina is. She makes me feel at ease and comfort knowing my POI is into me.

  428. This is my 3rd time reading with Sydney. Again, she hit it right on the nail. Thank you for not only answering my question but with the grace in which you do.

  429. Thank you, Carol! I know it was a short call today but it’s always a great time with you. Thank you!

  430. I adore Molly. She’s such a great reader! She’s accurate, down to earth and quick. I highly recommend her.

  431. Angie, thank you so much for connecting with my beloved Vito. Your evidence was so incredible including pet names he had for me and repeating almost verbatim things he has said to me. I have so much gratitude for your gift and the healing you gave to me.

  432. Serena provides consistent readings with little to no information. The situation is unfolding as predicted. Sweet woman who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

  433. Zen is wonderful! She is easy to talk to, is a good listener, and gets to the point if the matter. She has been rock solid consistent with her insight and predictions. Love her!

  434. Contact predictions were out by few days but it happened. She also said the new hire will be a pleasant surprise and it was. Vera is fast and both readings said the exact same thing. Hopefully all Vera’s predictions come to pass in the next 6 months as she said.

  435. I have only had a couple of readings with Sita but she has been spot-on and predictions have occurred! I love her as she is down to earth and more importantly, I can tell her heart is in the right place. Yes, she does this for a living but it’s obvious that she truly cares about her clients and also values her connection to spirit which is important to me.

  436. I got the job just as you predicted. Hope the rest of your predictions come true. Thank you so much, Brooke!

  437. Beth is always amazing and has been so totally right on every time. She has been my go-to psychic for a very long time and I totally recommend her.

  438. Everything Hamna says she sees in the cards comes up just as she sees. She’s quick and doesn’t waste your time! She is my go-to girl!

  439. Annmarie is amazing. She reads what’s coming up and it’s right on. Thank you for telling me to hang in there. Not sure how long I will I hope to see changes soon.

  440. She is awesome! ShaSha is straightforward and won’t paint false predictions.

  441. I spoke to a lot of psychics on here before I found Nikki. She’s the best tarot reader on this site. She’s told me about stuff that I didn’t think could possibly happen and they did.

  442. Samara, you always have a smile in your voice and every reading is so quick, so clear and so enjoyable. You are gifted in so many ways, but what matters most is that you’re a wonderful person. That’s a gift to everyone else around you. Thank you!

  443. Oh this woman is so sweet and funny! Loved her energy and how accurate Samantha was about me and my life! Can’t wait for the predictions to come true! Call her, you won’t regret it! Much love your way!

  444. Dee, I love you. I’ve called you for insight into big life questions, as well as the smaller everyday situations. Everything makes so much more sense after we’ve spoken. Thank you.

  445. Thanks to her that my issues are no longer there but I still love talking to her. Serenity has helped me so much with everything. that I continue to speak with her, just because. Don’t talk to her if you have don’t have will power. Her energy is addictive.

  446. Madeline is totally awesome, warm, quick and real. She connected immediately to my situation and gave me tons of information in a very short amount of time along with insights and predictions. Because of her, I feel so much clearer and more confident about everything. Thank you, Madeline!

  447. Gwen is amazing and is so on the money. She told me things would happen and they are happening even when I swore it was just the opposite. Thanks Gwen for being kind enough to tell me to stop blocking myself and that this will be fine. Hugs!

  448. Sammy is wonderful! She does not waste your time. She provides accurate details about future events, descriptions of people and things occurring and really connects with those that have crossed over on the other side.

  449. Serena was able to clearly see and understand my situation. I really appreciate it.

  450. My goodness, I just love Ginnie! Each time I have a chat with her, it gets more profound and so much clarity is provided throughout the reading! I love the reading, there was so much accuracy and I felt we really connected. Worth every penny!

  451. First time talking with Vanna. She’s funny with great sense of humor. She also told me things once I gave her my name. She was dead on.

  452. When I say she amazes me every single time, I mean it! Half the things she tells me, she absolutely couldn’t know unless you are gifted and that she is! I call her sad and end up laughing with her! She is such a kind beautiful soul! So grateful for Ginnie!

  453. Thank you Noelle for the many years of guidance! You’re a gift!

  454. Outstanding as always! Thank you for sharing the information and guidance I needed, Noelle.

  455. Daisy is very consistent and precise with details.

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