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Understanding a Medium

A medium is a psychic that is able to reach into the spiritual world. They have strong psychic abilities. They can talk to those that have died and passed on to the other side. Mediums are able to get messages in different ways such as messages in their mind, voices, or images. When a medium does a séance, they are able to get messages from the spiritual world and some mediums will even go into a ...[Read More]

What are Energy Vortexes?

An energy vortex is a strong and powerful energy that can be found all over the world. These are found on the surface of the world and are searched out by those that are on their spiritual journey. These are sometimes found at sacred sites. Energy Vortexes Some people believe that energy vortexes exist. They find spots in the world that are powerful, and this is a place where energy is at its high...[Read More]

How to Balance Your Chakra Energy

If you are lacking motivation or energy, chances are that you might have a chakra that is blocked. Hindu traditions say that people have a physical body and that they have an energetic body. There is a system called the prana or it is called the life force. This is where the energy flows through the body. There are 114 different energies that come throughout the body, and this affects your organs,...[Read More]

Cleansing Your Aura in Your Home

When you have an aura, it picks up the energy around you. Everyone has one but not everyone understands what this means. You can do yourself a favor and you can cleanse your aura from negative energy and then it will help you to feel better in your life. The energy from the aura comes from everyone you meet, the rooms that you go in and even your own emotions and feelings. It doesn’t matter what i...[Read More]

Signs of Gifted People Around You

Maybe you have met someone that is different. These people have come to this world to make it a better place. These are people called lightworkers or earth angels. Some believe that earth angels and lightworkers are different kinds of people, but the truth is that they are similar in their personality, and they are just different because no one is born to just be these things. Some people will cho...[Read More]

What to Do After Betrayal

Betrayal is one of the hardest things to go through in life. When a person betrays you, this is someone that you trusted and that you were close to. So, betrayal means that this person has violated the trust that you have had in them. A parent can betray a child by abusing them when they are supposed to love and cherish them and take care of them. A spouse can betray their partner when they have a...[Read More]

How to Angel Pray

Praying is the act of talking and people do it differently. Some people will kneel, others will bow, and some will just sit and rest their arms on their legs. No matter how you do your body, this isn’t important but what is important is how you are praying in your soul and in your mind. You don’t have to have fancy words to make your prayer good, you just have to allow your prayer to be honest and...[Read More]

Orb Colors and Sizes

Orbs are something that are seen in the paranormal world, and some believe in them while others do not. This is thought to be a spirit that is in the shape of an orb and is sometimes seen in pictures moving around a person. This can mean that the spirit is there with a message for you. Meaning of Orbs by Size An orb that is smaller or bigger has a different meaning. The size can show how much ener...[Read More]

How to Change Your Life Now

Most people ask things like what the weather is like or other nonsense things, but they forget to ask things that are important such as are you happy with your life or are there things you want to change? Do you feel that you have a purpose in your life? Do you stand by what you believe in and treasure your values? Do you go after goals and dreams that you have without being afraid? Do you stand u...[Read More]

Communicating with Animals

Here are some ways that you can communicate with your animal friends or other animals that you come across in your lifetime: Meditate and clear your mind. Find a place where you can sit quietly with your animal. Ask your spirit guides to help you to know what your animal is saying. Say your animals name in your mind and think of them. Imagine them as you say their name. Send them a picture to thei...[Read More]

Love Spells that Work Fast

You can find magic everywhere you work, and people will often use magic and spells in order to get the desires that they have. Spellcasters will tell you that there are love spells and that even though there are love spells, there are far more people that have broken hearts. The reason love spells are so popular is because of all the hurt people have. The love spell is made so that it can help to ...[Read More]

Solar Plexus Energy Warrior

The solar plexus or the third chakra is called the Manipura, and this means a lustrous gem. This is a Sanskrit word and is found in the belly button area. This is where you have self-esteem and energy and where you can change. This controls your metabolism as well. When you feel that you are strong and confident and you are motivated to change and to be healthy, your chakra is open and balanced. W...[Read More]

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