The Truth About Relationships

The Truth About Relationships

Relationships are lessons that people learn. When we know that relationships are part of life, we understand that the universe is trying to teach us lessons and help us to break away from our ego. Relationships are helpful for people so that they can learn.

We know relationships are important because of all of the books written about them. When we live our life lesson and we go through relationships, the universe believes that the problems have been solved and it is a cosmic situation. There are different lessons that we learn and those that study relationships realize that they can come to conclusions about relationships by living through them and understanding the soul connections.

Relationships are challenging but they are also equally exciting. They give answers to things that we are not always willing to accept, and they help us to understand the creation of people. Relationships help us to become one with the planets. Each relationship teaches us more about love.

Once someone finds oneness, they can reach a place where they can become one and evolve. This will help people to be able to understand their inner work and to expand their bonds with others.

Personal Relationships

Most people want to change their relationships but not to try to fix them. They work on themselves but not about making things work with the other person. They make rules about how they will behave and what they will do but they don’t try to become better or help the other person to change. They forget that their partner is their mirror.

When people keep repeating patterns, it causes their partner to be defensive instead of happy. The relationships change and they get a view of their ego and their self and they will continue to make relationship decisions that never fix the real problems. They take care of themselves and hope that the relationship will fix but it begins to dissolve. The universe will move you to the next chapter after you learn your lesson.

Before you incarnated, you made an agreement to get rid of bad karma and to learn more about how to make your life better and to make your relationship stronger. Your relationship must be healed and when you come back to the relationship, you realize that you deserve it, but it is a hard thing to accept.

You might not be able to heal past relationships but if an old relationship is dead, you can talk about it and you can learn to heal yourself. Relationship healing can be very hard and just talking to someone will never make things better.


One thing that has to happen is that you have to release the idea that you can lose someone if you love them. When you have the same soul and share your life with someone, you cannot lose them. Being in a relationship for the purpose of keeping your ego happy is not good and that is where the separation comes from. There is nothing that you can do in a relationship to lose someone and if you stay balanced then you will see that you are with them forever.  You need to stop putting yourself in bad situations in order to prove that you can be a master in the relationship. Overcoming karma is a hard thing and you have to learn to release it.

When you have a relationship, you see value in that person. This makes you refuse to put up with their nonsense and you will lose value in the relationship if you are not interacting as one and you are interacting as separate people. They will discover that your relationship is about being one and this is what being mirrored to someone is. You have to learn to heal who you are and yourself so that you can stop having hidden feelings and thoughts and being dishonest with yourself and with your partner. You need to admit that you need to have healing.

When you want to have healing, you have to know that other people and their moods are part of the ego. Once the ego is separate and you begin to heal, you will see that you can have honesty and that you will have kindness. Expressing your thoughts and feelings with love will help others to heal and will not hurt them.

The ego will try to be sneaky and try to make you say things that hurt other people. That is not being honest. When you are with different soul forces, you have to work on your conscious thinking, and you have to be aware of your own growth. You have to look at all of your relationships and learn to be peaceful and live a good life.

Everything about yourself is not going to be what everyone, including you, likes. You have to learn to accept who you are and appreciate all parts of your being.

Look at the patterns of life and see that you are not part of that. Learn to separate yourself from that and to live a lifetime where you are honest and loving. Go back to the childhood relationships that you had and see what emotions and what behaviors there were.

As society has grown, people have become emotionally sensitive and had many issues. This is something that everyone needs to break through and be healed from.

There are different energies and if you need someone to help you to deal with emotional problems, find people that are available to you. Let them help you to get better and to work through issues that are hard in your life.

Karma is hard to deal with sometimes and when it gives you information, you are to use it to heal yourself so that you can make it through that part of life.

Be responsible for how you live and how you deal with problems. Do not be guilty over being in a mess, just learn to move on and to stop denying or blaming others for your problems.


If you think that you will be happy based on someone else, you will find that life is disappointing to you. No one can give you the happiness that you want. You do not give others the power to give you happiness. Your relationships should be about learning and living together in happiness.

If you tell someone that being with them makes you happy, you give your power away and the truth is that you have the power to make yourself happy. You can live up to your own expectations and become happy no matter who you are with.

True to Yourself

If you are with someone that has a problem in their life, learn to recognize it and learn to help them. If they have issues, you need to try to help them to change their perspective and to limit their ego. Even if you love to spend time with that person, let them know that you are responsible for yourself.

Loved Ones

Do you see that love is meant to be given away? You need to create a space where there is no worry and no conditions on love. You need to get worry out of your vocabulary. You are only responsible for what you do for you and how you view things.

Make sure that you take care of your family and friends and your partner, but you have to learn that you are not able to make them change and that only comes within themselves.


People are always looking for a soulmate and it is what they hope to find. There is no soulmate that is going to make you whole. These are people that are outside of ourselves and if you plan your world around them to make you have happiness then you are going to experience sadness and disappointment. Your soulmate is going to do what they want, and they will only bring disappointment to you.

A soulmate is there to be a partner with you and to give you something to experience. When you divide your soul, there are many people that can come into your life.

Life is about pairs and when two people come together that split in the past, this is becoming one. But the truth is, that person is part of your past and you have changed. You will experience new things with them, and it might be someone that dates far back in your life.

You will feel comfortable with this person because you will bond with them. The soul will take you to a new level. If someone comes to you in this time, you will feel familiar with them and you will feel that you have seen them before.

You have a soulmate that will be there, and you will recognize them and know them, but you have different ideas and values. Look for people that will work with you in this planet and will share your values and beliefs and will have fun with you.

A soulmate is what people are looking for in hopes to find their preface mate. We all need to have reality in our lives, and this includes being in a relationship. You have to stop giving other people power to make you happy and find out what you need in your own life to be happy. Find people that respect you and support you and give you fun in your life.


There are feminine and masculine energies and there are people that are looking for someone to balance them out. Sexuality is something that is a duality. This is a significant thing and part of life lessons.

We want to be balanced and have equal energy centers and this is why you have seven main chakras. When your chakras are unbalanced, you might be sick or unhappy. You have to figure out how to find your spiritual being and how to let go of things that are holding you back.

There are ego situations where you believe that you have to be something or that one sex is bad, or one sex is good. This is not true. You have to stop being jealous over what other people are and learn to program yourself to be happy.

You need to find the truth in your own heart so that you can have the energy to have unconditional love and to be passionate with other people. Be careful to make sure that you do not let sexual expression get in the way of finding happiness in yourself.

Do not let your subconscious mess up your physical awareness that people are different, and that people are meant to come together as one soul.

Everyone will come as one eventually and you have to start making connections with each other. You have to learn to stop being jealous and insecure and know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to sexuality.

Look at your life and give yourself permission to have sensual feelings. Learn to understand that relationships can be hard and that they are part of your mental being. There will be negative things that happen to you when you make things too complex. Choose to have peace and to send light into all of the world.


We choose what we are feeling and if you have behavior that is damaging to you, you need to fix that. Stop letting anger overpower you. When you are angry with someone, you need to stop having inappropriate behavior.

Make your choice to make better solutions and if you engage in conflict, then you are allowing other people to control your happiness and you are giving away your power. Do not be upset with people and never forget that you are not God.

Let go of fear and stop trying to protect yourself by having negative emotions towards other people. Be responsible for what you say and how you feel. Recognize when you are using anger and having conflict. Feelings of being unloved come from inside of yourself and you have to learn to stop trying to win every argument.

The ego has no choice but to try to survive and this can mean that the ego is always angry if you let it. You will never fix conflict by correcting other and trying to change them.

When you are always defensive instead of peaceful, then you cause events to happen that cause anger and a loss of control. Do not let these things happen to you and try to let people say what they want without it pushing your buttons.

If someone wants to be around you when you are dealing with emotions, let them have peace and do not let anger push them away. Be a person of peace. Do not worry when people try to manipulate you, show them how to get rid of old patterns and how to be free.

Show people how to have peace and work on yourself. Make rules for love and if there is conflict, do not let it take over your life. Do not let the fear of letting someone in hold you back.

If you have a problem in your life, look at it and see how you can fix it. Look at your life and see that things are hard sometimes but figure out how to make them easier and better. Have harmony in your life and learn to let yourself relax and meditate. Ask for love instead of conflict.

Relationship Ends

All relationships will come to an end sometimes. There is a difference between love and need and people deal with things differently. You will have relationships outside of yourself, but you are responsible for your own happiness. Do not give away your power.

Being co-dependent on someone will cause you to have trauma. This is something that society has taught you, but you have to learn to be more loving and to depend on yourself. Do not think that someone else is going to come and to leave you helpless. Find joy in yourself and then when your partner leaves, you will not have to have trauma, but you will learn to move on to the next adventure.

After you change who you are inside, you will be able to enjoy your relationships.

Children and Families

Everyone is here for a reason and even though there are different things that we learn, we have different incarnations. Our bodies belong to us and so even if we have someone above us, we are our own.

People have children sometimes so that they do not have to feel alone. If children come into a family for that reason, they will feel attacked. When they leave the home, the parents will feel abandoned. When a child dies, it is part of a karmic contract and an agreement of rebirth. Love them through it.

The soul level is what chooses children, and this is a pattern that sometimes has to be put in place. The parents are there to help you and to help you live your life without drama. Your parents will love you and show you how to love yourself.

Everyone incarnates to be on their own path and even though this completes a generation, those people are meant to live their own life. Children that come to the planet are in contracts before they are born. The parents are there to help the child and to make sure that he or she is safe.

The children will shine and will be amazing. They will have strong morals and spiritual beings. They will learn to live through things and will accept their behavior and their moral path.

Parents are not responsible for their children because children are not innocent and helpless, but they are wise.

No one is responsible for other people and you cannot change them and make them who you want them to be. You have to just love them and then get out of the way and not try to control them.

Teach them things in their life such as language and everything that you can show them. Let them have their own emotions and stop programming them to have fear. Show them how to have love and understanding.

Everyone has intuition and the kids will know their intuition if you do not make them depend on things such as being separated or manipulation. Teach them to understand things and let them go to school to find things out about their life.

Children are very wise, and they have to learn to love themselves and to have harmony and compassion for others. They will learn to form relationships and to live life with new rules.

Planetary Relationships

When we learn to deal with our relationships, we learn to deal with everything. We will have power to have everything that we want in life. You will learn to heal your relationships and to be able to learn lessons on what you should be doing in your life.

Pay attention to what your relationships are and what level of consciousness they are at. Be partners with the universe and use verbal communication to be one. Do not complain about the different challenges that you have and know that there is a bigger picture in life. Do not forget where you come form and stop repeating old patterns. Have a clean mind and make sure your relationships are pure.

There is a connection between being quiet and being enlightened. Learn to be silent sometimes and learn to just listen. Do not attack others and sometimes when you need to stop talking, do it. Use mental images to communicate and do not be afraid to show your feelings and your thoughts. Separate yourself form the world. People that use telepathy rarely have problems because the relationship does not allow fear.

To heal your relationships, you must heal who you are inside. Once you learn to have happiness and peace in your life, you will heal those that are around you. You will not have limitations and you will no longer have fear or guilt. Remember what the truth is and remember that you cannot have oneness on your own. You must learn to be honest with those around you and you need to make sure that your relationships are looked at in a new way. Have fun and share your space in love and comfort.