Light Spirits Versus Dark Spirits

Light Spirits Versus Dark Spirits

When you look in the spirit world, you always think it is a huge thing that you can never really reach.  When you try to communicate with a spirit, you feel that it is so vast that you are in an ocean.  Sometimes, people feel that this is freeing and exciting while others feel that things are too risky, and they become nervous.

This also happens when you are trying to communicate in the spirit world.  Here is how you can identify who you might meet in the spirit world and not be afraid.


Most people understand the different people or characters that we meet when we walk through the world.  You can see friendly people and unfriendly people.  You usually know by looking at them if they can be a positive part of your life or a negative.

You might even be able to identify people that are always making you feel good.  Maybe you also know people that make you feel worse and uneasy when you are around them.

Even in the Spirit world, there are spirits like this as well.  You need to learn to identify them.

Two Groups

There are two groups of spirits, the light and the dark.

Light spirits are loving and give good energy.  They are sometimes called loved ones, friendly ghosts, angels and more.

Dark spirits are the spirts that give you bad energy.  These are sometimes called evil spirits, negative entities, earthbound spirits and more.

When swimming in the spiritual ocean, you will meet thousands of different spirits that fall in these groups.  You need to learn how to identify them.

4 Ways to Identify Spirits

There are four ways to identify spirits.


If you feel a lot of pressure in your head or a heaviness around you then this is one way you are seeing spirits.


When you all of a sudden feel nervous or that your energy is increased, this is a sign of a spirit.


Hearing whispering or talking around you.

Feeling Someone

You might sometimes feel someone in the room with you.

Feeling Sick

If you feel sick or nauseas or feel that you are unable to digest your food, this can be a spirit that is present.

All of those things are ways you can identify a spirit and if you have more energy around you then they might already be entwined with you.

Light Spirits

Light spirits are loving and can help you.  When they are by you, you will feel warm and tingly.  They can be uplifting and will interact with you in a positive way.

Light spirits can protect you and help you get higher.

Here are ways you know a light spirit is by you:

  • Feeling a kindness
  • Ticking skin
  • Kind thoughts and encouragement

Loving spirits can impress on you to be better and can help and protect you.  They have their own energy from the light and can give you positive energy to draw on.

Interacting with a light spirit can help you and give you pleasant symptoms and thoughts.

Dark Spirits

Dark spirits are people who have not crossed over yet and they live dark lives.  They are negative and pessimistic.

They can change how you feel and sometimes they can align with you and not help you to do good.

These spirits can take away your energy and your light.  They can bring fear and heaviness.  Sometimes you will feel their presence in the room.

Here are some ways you can know if a dark spirit is around you:

  • Fear
  • Cooling feeling
  • Negative words


Can you feel the different energy around you?  Know that light spirits bring happiness, improve your life and help you.  Dark spirits can make you fearful and cause you to feel bad about yourself.

You need to learn to discern what you are doing and who is around you and pay attention to things in the spirit world.  You can experience different presences if you pay attention and find out what loving spirits can do to help you.

If you are not able to identify the spirits, then you will not be able to grow or progress forward.  The spiritual ocean can help you to know what you should do and who you need to be.

Fear Based People

If you meet fear-based people, it doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong.  This is natural and this happens.  Respond to the spiritual energy and change who you are around.  Identify who you are around and know the different tips if you encounter a spirit.

Even if you find a fear dominated spirit, respond to it with love so that it can change how it response to you.