Grounding to Help with Spiritual Renewal

Spiritual Renewal

Some studies show that the average American spends 95% of their lives indoors with an average of 24 hours or more each week online. It is more important than ever to establish a grounding practice that is able to improve emotional and physical wellbeing. Grounding, which is basically touching the earth directly, is an antidote to the modern, indoor life toxicity. Grounding is shown to reduce depression, curb bad cholesterol. and lower blood pressure. The earth is a sort of docking station that allows us to heal and regroup. We tap into Mother Earth’s creativity through grounding as we sit bare-footed in the shade or at a picnic table or even lean against a tree. As your feet feel the earth, feel the deep, centered life force that rises up through the body and out through expressive hands that can be creative.

As you create, you do not have to display or even keep what is made. Try something that will disappear like drawing with sidewalk chalk, drawing in the sand near the water line, or even stacking pebbles. Do this for 30 minutes as a form of weekly grounding practice. It is a way to flush out old energy and to bring in new life-giving energy. This is a renewal of spirit. Below are several ways to practice grounding which are shared below.

Early Morning Sunshine

Materials: Use a gently rousing alarm clock if needed to rise with the sun

  Method: Set your alarm for sunrise. Rise when it goes off and drink a big glass of water, then go outside for ten minutes as the sun lights up the day. Greet the world.

  Benefits: It is possible to support your natural healthy energy rhythm by combining the morning light with grounding. Give your body a clear signal that daytime is crucial for your best. Light can be effective in treating depression and morning light is said to decrease muscle pain, treat insomnia, and more. Even a single 60 seconds is useful so try a week of this practice and note differences. This simple daily practice could transform you for a lifetime.

Heart-Spotting in Nature

Materials: Bare feet, camera (if desired)

Method: During each season, spend 30 minutes in a grounding, bare foot, heart-spotting expedition and either take note of or photos of the treasures you come across.

Tip: Each season creates an opportunity for more hearts to appear. Whether you see heart shaped leaves, river stones, clouds, or even scrolls in iron gates, new hearts can be found in many places.

Barefoot Mindful Walk

Materials: A safe outdoor space, bare feet

Method: Walk barefoot and mindfully for around 20 minutes to see what benefits you experience in the short and long term. Mindful walking is a meditative experience that is slow and careful, stepping with each breath in and out. Clear your mind and focus only on the sensation and connection of your feet on the earth.

Benefits: With each step your muscles relax, fatigue lessens, and muscle recovery can improve to make you less sore the following day.

Tip: If your favorite form of movement is something that keeps you off the ground, like biking, then ground yourself for 10 minutes prior to your adventure, then during and after as well. Even if you cannot take your shoes off, sit on a boulder or the ground to connect with the earth.

Outdoor Yoga

Materials: Yoga mat (optional)

Method: If using a mat while practicing yoga outdoors, make sure your fingers, toe, or heel touch the ground as you strike each pose.

Benefit: Many poses are powerful, energetically speaking, when done with direct contact with the earth. Try to include things like mountain pose, tree pose, warrior, child’s pose, and triangle.

Summer Healing Meditation

Materials: Outdoor area to lie down, towel (optional)

Method: Spread out a towel and lie down with a finger, heel, or toe touching the earth. Listen to or read a mediation about grounding and the earth.