Sensitive People Need to Protect Their Energy: Here’s How

Protect Their Energy

Sensitive people, also known as empaths, have the ability to be emotional sponges. This can be heightened by social events, when around co-workers, or even just in a crowd. If empaths are around love and peace, their bodies will assimilate and flourish, but too much negativity will leave them feeling exhausted and somewhat assaulted. For an empath to truly enjoy being around others, they must learn how to protect their sensitivity and find balance in the world. This is a skill that can be learned so the empath can be more comfortable over time.

Many empaths are hyper-attuned to the moods of others, good and bad. If you are not sure how to protect your personal energy, the energy of others can get lodged in your body. Being in crowds can leave you feeling depressed, tired, and even anxious.

Below are several strategies to help manage sensitivity effectively and stay centered even when negative energy is absorbed:

  • Move Away – When it is possible, distance yourself from the source of negative energy by about 20 feet. If you feel relief then wonderful. Do not worry about being offensive to anyone. At larger gatherings, try not to sit next to those you have identified as energy vampires because physical closeness can increase empathy.
  • Focus on Breathing – If you do suspect that you are picking up someone else’s negativity, focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Holding your breath keeps negativity trapped. To purify the pain and fear, exhale stress and then inhale calmness. Picture the negativity as a grey fog that is lifted from your body and positivity as a clear light entering. This can bring about quick results with practice.
  • Guerilla Meditation – This is a form of meditation to be used before a gathering. This allows you to center yourself, get strong, and feel your heart. If you do encounter emotional or physical distress while at some event, act fast and take a few minutes to meditate. Take refuge in an empty room or bathroom and meditate there. Calm yourself down and focus on the love and positivity. This can save you in social functions that deplete you.
  • Healthy Limits and Boundaries – Set boundaries on how much time you spend listening to people you consider stressful. It is healthy and appropriate to set clear boundaries and say “no” without explanation. Cut people off if they get critical or mean.
  • Visualize Protection – Visualization is a healing mind-body technique. A practical form of protection, many people use visualization. Visualize an envelope of white light around your body and if this is not enough, visualize a black jaguar protecting you from negativity.
  • Define and Honor Empathic Needs – Always safeguard your sensitivities. In a calm moment, collect yourself and make a list of your top five emotionally rattling situations. Formulate a plan for handling them so in the moment you do not fumble.

If all else fails, absorb the stress and when you get home, shower or bathe immediately. This will wash away the symptoms taken on from others. Soaking in natural mineral springs will also offer great purifying.