The Most Intense Magical Skills for Each Zodiac Element

Zodiac Element

Those familiar with the fundamentals of magic and witchcraft throughout history are vocal about the importance of the elements.  At its core of most magical spells and gifts, the caster knows the role each element has on our inherent talents.

Each of the four basic element has a unique power, governing a specific aspect of our daily life.  When you join the natural elements of air, fire, earth, and water with the ethereal element of “spirit,” we have the holistic magical concept the early Celtic pagans called “five-ness.”

Spiritual beliefs convey the innate strength and power comes from the complete balance of these elements, where air, water, earth, fire, and spirit unite into one central force.  While many view this as the apex of power, each element has specific forces which rule a unique type of magic.  A witch may perform any spell or ritual by pinpointing the element most closely associated.  Thus, the witch can hone their gifts for even more effective readings.  The element that most governs our life is connected to our zodiac sign.  By identifying the element most impacting us, look to the element that rules your zodiac sign, and discover your own magical talents today.

Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The intensity of fire imparts skills of great power that one must learns to wield responsibility or risk misfortune and chaos.  If anyone offends you, an instant target gets places on their back, and will someone face your strong and fluctuating temperament.

You have the expected talents with candle magic, but fire signs are also gifted healers in all aspects of life (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical).  Just as you can purge an ailment you can also perform exorcisms to heal a tortured soul.

Earth:  Taura, Virgo, and Capricorn

Earth is the strongest and most stable element.  Those born under an earth sign are considered loyal and reliable individuals will always pitch in actively in any project.  As you could expect, you love playing in the dirt and have a powerful bond with magic from crystals and herbs.  You also may be drawn to runic magic since its power comes directly from the earth as it is inscribed on stones, wood, or even the ground.  Teaching yourself this terrestrial power will help you harness your gift of protection.  When you tap into its full potential, you have the power to protect yourself and loved ones from some of the most toxic energies and universal forces.

Air:  Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

People born under an air sign have a spirit that is as free as the wind.  These dreamers enjoy thinking outside of box and buck at societal norms than infringes on their sense of independence.  They are attuned with the spiritual world and are prone to having the ability to easily receive messages from spirits.  Air signs enjoy learn from the wisdom of their ancestors and sharing these insights.  Their sense of freedom goes beyond the limits of their body to point they have gifts of telepathy, remote viewing, and astral projections to gain access to more information.

Water:  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Water babies are people who are governed by love, connection, and intuition.  Water signs are gifted communicators and form near instant connections.  You work with as many people as possible to foster harmony.  Like air signs, you can “see” far beyond the physical world and have the talent of divination, but in a way that you receive messages in the form of dreams, and visions.  Additionally, you might be drawn to mirror magic as it is tied to these signs since it was practiced in still water prior to the invention of modern mirrors.  Your skills of clarity and vision can embolden you to lofty heights, so long as you trust your gut.