Signs from the Universe to Help You Prosper

Universe to Help You Prosper

Are you someone that is always trying to do the right thing and make the right decisions but sometimes you just don’t know where to go? You look for signs and you want the universe to lead you in the right direction, but you just don’t feel like you are seeing anything?

The universe is always giving you signs to help you to go the right direction in your life. Sometimes we just fail to pay attention and to pick up the signs we are getting.

Asking the Universe for a Sign

You can actually go to the universe and ask for a sign. You can ask if you are heading in the right direction or if you are doing the right things. The universe isn’t ignoring you and if you are aware of what signs are around you, you will see that there are more than you can imagine.

Maybe you wonder if you should stay in your career path and then later on someone tells you how good you are at your job. That wasn’t just someone complementing you but that was a sign from the universe.

When you ask the universe to give you guidance, you will get a sign or signs. You have to be open to get the signs and not doubt them.

Always Getting Signs

You don’t even have to ask the universe out loud to give you a sign. If you think about wanting a sign, the universe can hear you. You just have to learn to pay attention to what you are seeing. Maybe inside of your mind you are deciding if you should go left or right. Then out of nowhere a sign points to the right. That is a sign from the universe leading you in the right direction you should go.

People will give you signs and so will events, but this is the universe trying to get you into the right direction. Not every sign is going to be big, but your signs will still point you the right way.

Spotting Signs from the Universe

If there are things you keep seeing over and over, this can be a sign from the universe. This can be using all of your different senses and feelings.

When you see that you are hearing the same things over again and hearing the same things over again, it is a sign.

Sometimes it takes time to be able to learn to listen for signs from the universe but learn to pay attention.

Flickering Lights

Maybe you ask the universe a question and the lights flicker. Take this as an answer. Then after it happens, follow your instinct.

Technology Doesn’t Work

If you are using technology and it doesn’t work like sending out a text or email that you tried to send, it could be the universe helping you.

Look at the message you are about to send and see if it is the right things that you want to say. Don’t force the universe to do things for you just pay attention.


If you see the same animal or thing more than three times, this can mean it is trying to get your attention. Find out if your spirit or totem animal is trying to tell you something.


People are always listening to music and if you hear a song that answers your question, this is a sign from the universe.

Spirit Guides

Your guides can also give you messages through your songs or through other ways. Pay attention to your higher self and notice when you are hearing things repeatedly. Be confident and accept your answers.

Talking to the Universe

You must learn to talk to the universe in order to really be able to pay attention to the signs. The universe wants you to talk to it and once you set up clear communication, you will see that you will get clear answers.

Ask the universe or your spirit guides for a sign and trust that you will get the support and the signs that you need to get you where you need to be.

Signs and Receiving

You are always seeing signs, but you have to make sure you are receiving them. Ask for a sign and you will get one.

Know that you are supposed to do whatever the sign tells you no matter how you feel about it. This is what will help you to grow.

If you don’t know what to ask the universe, just ask why something is happening or what is happening and trust that the universe will answer you.