Knowing Your Collective Shadow

Collective Shadow

Almost everyone has had trauma in their life, and it is important that you are able to look at your past traumas and your childhood situations and to face them and work through them.

Shadow work is something that is not easy, and it starts with you, but it is something that never ends. People all over need to deal with this and it is part of society and families. We must look deep inside of ourselves to deal with the problems that we have had.

We are who we are, and our soul is something that should be free of racism and sexism but because of society, sometimes these things do get into our hearts.

We have to learn to get rid of toxic thinking that we were conditioned to believe.

Collective Shadows

A collective shadow is the dark side that people have. This can be past tragedies and problems in our unconscious mind. The darkness that we have can be ingrained in our minds and hearts because of how we grew up such as where we came from, what we were taught, what religion we were, and we were taught. This darkness can be anything that people reject or put down such as different kinds of people.

Where We Miss It

During our spiritual life, we have to understand shadow work. There are people that are therapists, teachers’ mentors and other people that cause us to have to look deep inside of ourselves and figure out who we are.

Collective Work

Maybe you are blind to things in your life and you have to look to see what you really believe. Some people are even racist and do not even realize it because of the world they grew up in. Maybe you are ignorant to how you feel about other people and you have to take responsibility for these things.

Look at the world around you and see how other people act and learn to change who you are.

Spiritual Practices

A lot of people have neglected the idea of collective shadows and they just deny that they have things that are holding them back.

Modern Spirituality

Look at what is going on in your life and realize that you have to have compassion for yourself. You need to stop being mad at yourself or feeling ashamed of yourself. Stop defending yourself and be aware of the things inside of you that are holding you back.

Here are some ways that you can deny collective shadows:

  • Learn to focus on positive things in your life and stop feeling rejected or negative.
  • Focus on the good vibrations in your life and learn to raise your vibrations.
  • Attract yourself to things that scare you such as different races or age groups.
  • Know that karma is not a way that you should ignore what they are going through.
  • Learn to focus on your reality and to stop being a victim.
  • Do not believe that you are just imagining things and face the problems you have.
  • Love is not the only thing that you will feel but you can feel love and hurt.
  • Society is not evil; it is just suffering from its ignorance.
  • Do not make excuses just because you are a lightworker. Do not deny shadows even if you bring light.
  • Trust what you want inside of yourself with your spirituality and do not worry about what society wants.

Everyone has different beliefs, and you need to learn to find what you really believe and educate yourself and others.

Deepening Your Shadow Workings

We all have collective shadows, and we need to be responsible in what we say and how we act. Do not think you are better than everyone and that you are the only good person.

We have to look at our mistakes and learn to grow and to change our practices. Encourage people to be better and to work to find happiness.

Beating the Collective Shadows

We have to realize that the collective shadows are there to help you to get out of darkness and to grow. Learn to be humble and be thankful for the things you are learning from. We all have to work through our ego.

Listen to Stories

Take time to listen to what other people have to tell you. There are people that have had very hard lives and have lived through very traumatic things and you can learn a lot from them and their healing.

Take any chance you can to make sure that you learn from others.


Look at yourself and see if you have any prejudices that are holding you back. Write down things that you think are holding you back and keep a journal so that you can go back and look at the things and see if you have changed.

If you have negative feelings about other groups of people, fix it.


Othering means that you treat a group of people differently just because they are different than you. This can be very painful, and it is especially negative if you find yourself in the other group. This is something that people are dark inside for and it is an evil part of society.

This kind of treatment of others comes from people that have too much ego. This causes them to think that they have the right to be separate and different than others and that they deserve special treatment.


Learn to be humble and learn to look at what is going on inside of you. You will mess up, everyone messes up. Stop being offensive and try to be kind, ask for forgiveness, and keep your heart open.

Take responsibility when you are not kind to others and learn to change from the inside.

Open Heart

Have an open heart. Realize that collective shadow work can be different things. Learn to love others that are different. Help those with disabilities or join groups of people that you don’t agree with and help them with their cause. Forget what reality to you is and help others.


You should work to keep changing and becoming better. Learn to listen to others and stop separating yourself from others and thinking that you are better than them. Do not close your heart or judge others.

Look at life as a reality and do not be ignorance to things around you. If someone around you sees injustices, help them to see the world as better and love them.

Focus on the things in the world that are wrong and learn to make it better. Do as much right as you can and let your light shine.