Knowledge Is In the Palms of Your Hands

Knowledge Is In the Palms of Your Hands

Palmistry has always been a fascination for many people. Some in decades past would venture out to nomads traveling through to get a reading while practically everyone has stopped at a palm reading shop along a boardwalk at some point in their life.

Most don’t consider palmistry as significant in defining your future but the art of it goes back thousands of years. While it is most well-known for its gypsy influence, the craft also has three-thousand-year-old roots in Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian cultures as well as the nomadic Romani people.

Scientists have even looked into it for its validity. A study was done in the 1990s to compare recently deceased persons’ palms with the ages of their deaths. As it turned out, their lifelines matched the ages of their death!

An Odd Tale

They are also stories surrounding palmistry. One from Georgia involves a famous medium of the early 1900s was Mayhayley Lancaster. She was a lawyer by trade, one of the first women to ever pass the State Bar. Yet, she is most well known for her psychic abilities. She was vocal in her defense of Leo Frank, a man accused of killing a young girl, and was a major component in a murder trial in the 1940s where a sharecropper was killed in Coweta County.

One of the stories involving Lancaster was when a group of teens decided to pay her a visit for palm readings. They drove to her rural home one night, asking for readings. At first, Lancaster refused because it was after hours but then relented and performed readings on all the teens.

As the last teen girl put out her hand, Lancaster paused and shifted uncomfortably. She had read the futures of all the other teens. The girl waited expectedly and then asked what her future was.

Lancaster replied, “I’m sorry but you don’t have a future.”

The teens crashed their vehicle on the way home that night and that girl died in the crash.

Reading Palms

Reading palms, even though many times people do it for fun, is serious business. There are plenty of lines that give you information if you know how to read them.

For instance, many people look at their lifelines. This is the deeper line closest to your thumb. However, it is Rascette lines that are a better indicator of lifespan. Rascette lines are also called “bracelet lines” and are found on the underside of the wrist. A long life will be indicated by many Raschette lines.

The number of children you’ll have can be found with lines on the outer part of your hand under your pinky. Each line represents a child and some can even specifically identify adopted or step-children.

There are travel lines, prosperity lines, and health lines too. Getting to know the more detailed aspects of palmistry can be an interesting study. It can take some time as there are multitudes of lines to understand.

Understand that your lines can change too as your life moves along. After all, nothing is set in absolute stone as we all have free will.

Understanding the art of palmistry will help you understand your life’s current direction. If you study it enough, it will become second nature as you will know it like the back of your hand.