Psychic Shield Specifically for Empaths

Psychic Shield

Most everyone who has natural intuitive abilities at high levels through clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairaudience are also clairsentient. Empathy which is experiencing external emotional energies as your own is the foundation of being psychic. Those who are lightworkers understand it comes with the daily work. For those who extend the ability into professional careers are therapists, counselors, social workers, medical professionals, coaches and more, who also deal with many individuals that are often in negative conditions or circumstances know that it is an occupational hazard. It can be tough to find a balance between being empathetic enough to help without feeling the need to be defensive about having personal energy attacked. It can also be a struggle for an empath to not be drawn into the drama of others because they genuinely care and want to help, but can end up being dumped on. This is why psychic soft shielding is important. This is ideal for empaths who work in the healing arts fields where connection is a requirement, but protection is important. In addition to shielding, cord cutting and clearing with regularity are necessities.

Empathic Shielding

Purple light and white light shielding are common. Purple light is the highest angelic vibe  that can be invoked for spiritual protection, support, and nurturing and white light is considered the universal holy shield. White light shielding may be too hard core for empaths that still need to connect. White light shielding is impermeable and allows for little heart chakra to heart chakra interaction and reflection between people. It is an overkill for every day relationships. One alternative to while light shielding is to use pink. Pink light shielding is the ethereal aura color that is representative of the higher self. This color of rose quartz can be associated, activated, assigned, and amplified by rose quartz crystals. When speaking to someone who requires a softer protection picture yourself covered in a column of pink well above your head and down into the floor. Imagine it is poured from the head chakra and has the appearance of a thick soap in bubble gum coloring.

When the person you are communicating with projects their feelings toward you, the most positive energy is reflected back when the pink light is used as a filter and mirror. The pink light will allow your loving energy to share and let in compassion, good will, and concern, yet the negativity will be blocked by white light that is part of the pink. This shield is somewhat permeable making it a type of filter while blocking psychic attack. It will magnify what you hope to project and receive as you interact. If you use rose quartz crystals and wear or carry one, they can act as a switch to turn on this shield. If working with clients, place a piece of rose quartz between you or wear it as jewelry. Just seeing the color can be a subconscious reminder to protect yourself, even if you do not intellectually know the spiritual significance. All the rituals and visualizations are just reminders of a commitment to conscious intention. Just entering a conversation aware of what you wish to block, receive, and project will impact your energy and word choice.

When you set a strong energetic intention, you drive the vibration and others will either conform or experience discomfort. They will match the energy or walk away which maintains the integrity of the conversation. If in doubt, express how you feel because this is an honest approach. Anyone who does not want the good vibes and chooses to be difficult repeatedly, is not worthy of your time and energy. If they overstep and try to control more than a couple of time, distance and lack of contact is warranted and understandable. There are legal channels if the person continues to make contact, but they cannot fight you if you do not show up in some way. Never forget the law of attraction. If you establish before hand how you desire the script to go, then you are creating it instead of simply reacting. You attract what you want. If you are prepared and shielded, you may be shocked at how others respond.