Love Spells that Work Fast

Love Spells that Work Fast

You can find magic everywhere you work, and people will often use magic and spells in order to get the desires that they have. Spellcasters will tell you that there are love spells and that even though there are love spells, there are far more people that have broken hearts. The reason love spells are so popular is because of all the hurt people have.

The love spell is made so that it can help to solve problems that have to do with love and the heart. This can help you to find a new partner, have your ex come back to you or help you to make your partner love you more than ever.

Doing a love spell means that you take the energies inside of you and you work them with the universal energies in order to draw love to your life. This can cause a bond to be stronger and cause a bond to be broken that is not meant to be there.

Love spells can attract people or win back someone that you thought that you had lost in your life.

Love spells have always been popular, and they are powerful. If you want to do a love spell on your own, make sure that you are doing something that is not to bring harm to other people. A love spell can have different effects and if you send negativity out into the world then it can come back to you.

Spellcasters believe that you should never do a spell to remove a spell because it can cause other spells to be removed. Here are some of the best loves spells that you can cast:

Attraction Love Spells

The attraction love spells are made to help someone think about you. People want to do these kinds of spells so that someone will want them more. They can also be used to get money or to have wealth.

If you aren’t sure how to cast a spell, the best thing that you can do is to find a spellcaster so that the love spell does not mess up and backfire on you. If you want to find an easy attraction spell, you can find one online.

Ingredients needed:

  • Fire
  • Small basket of leaves

What to do:

You need to sit by a fire that is dying out and put a small basket of leaves by you. Take out the leaves and put them into the fire as they flame up.

Say out loud, “The leaves are burning by the fire, please send my love to me.”

When the flame goes out, do this again five different times.

Crushing Love Spells

A crush spell is one that is super easy and very popular. These spells don’t often mess up and you can manifest positive things.

This kind of spell is not one that you should do with half a heart though or it won’t turn out for you. You need to set your intention strong if you want to be able to make the spell work. This spell takes a little longer.

The crush that you have will take time to fall in love with you.

Ingredients needed:

  • Paper
  • Red thread
  • Pen

What to do:

You can write down the name of the person that you want to fall in love with you and make sure you include ethe last name. Put your name beside of their name and draw a circle around it.

If you want a physical relationship, then you need to draw a rectangle or a square around the names. Spray your favorite scent on the paper.

Put the paper under your pillow and wait to see what happens.

Commitment Spell

Do you need someone to commit to you and you are not getting what you want out of the relationship? This kind of spell can help you to make your lover to make more commitments to you. This is an easy spell to cast.

This spell can also cause someone to come back to you that you felt was lost.

Ingredients needed:

  • Red candle.
  • White candle.
  • Paper.
  • Red ribbon.
  • Picture of your crush.
  • Black marker.
  • Black cloth.

What to do:

When you are ready, you write your crush’s name on the paper with black marker. You write it three times. Light the whit candle and put it on the left and the red candle and put it on the right.

Take the paper and put it by the white candle and then move it to the red candle. Don’t burn the paper.

Put the pictures of you and your crush on the paper and wrap them in a black cloth. Put this somewhere in your house. Tie it up with the ribbon and say three times, “Please let my lover come to me.”

Put the red and white candle out and bury them in a bag in the ground.

Marriage Spells

When you want someone to marry you or when you are having problems in your relationship, this is a good spell to do. This can have long lasting effects on you and your partner.

If you want your partner to ask you to marry them then you can do this spell.

Ingredients needed:

  • Red silk cord.

What to do:

At bedtime, put the red cord under your pillow and leave it in the same spot for two nights. When your partner falls asleep, pull out the cord and tie seven knots in it. Do not tell your partner about your spell because it will cause the power to be lost.

Obsession Love Spells

This is the strongest love spell that there is. This can be love or lust that you are casting, and you need to set your intentions when you do this spell.

This spell has no ingredients, and you just have to focus and set your intentions strong.

What to do:

Think of the person that you want to put this spell on. Imagine their face and all of their features. Say out loud, “My love is not having a spark. I ask that they love me deeper.”

After you say this chant, you need to be patient and give them time to respond to you.

Positive energy

Make sure that you are being positive, and you are doing a love spell that will connect you with others in a good way. The spells can help you to focus and change your attitude and to be confident that other people can love you.

Do not be insecure or have doubt or it will never work for you. You must be patient and have faith in what you are focusing on.

Intentions and Will

You need to have strong intentions if you want to see the spell work. You will need to really believe in what you are asking for. Be careful what your intentions are.

If you do the spell without putting intentions to it then it will cause negativity to happen to you. Make sure you are wishing for something you really believe in and imagine what it will look like when you get it.

Take time to look inside and see what you really want and what your real desires are.

Keep Quiet

The last thing that you need to do is to stay quiet. Do not tell others about casting love spells or they can lose their power. This will also cause them to not make a connection.

Tips for Casting Spells

Make sure that you are timing the spell correctly and that you are listening to what is needed to cast the spell. You need to make sure that you use the right colored candles and other things asked for. This is the color of love and is very important.

Keep your energy high and make sure that you are connected to the universe. Take a moment and let your spells really ignite your heart.


There are different tools and methods that can be used to cast spells, and some require many ingredients while others require none. Make sure that you have your crystals, candles, and whatever else you need to have clear intentions on your spellcasting.

You must have faith and a purpose. If your love spell needs ingredients, get them but if not, make sure that you keep your energy level strong and that you let your soul go towards your goals.

When you look for love spells, find ones that can help you connect with what you want. Some spells will be very short, and some will be longer. Take time to see the spells work and find out what you need in order to make things perfect in your love life.


There are many spells that you can cast to bring love and other things in your life. Not everyone is good at casting spells and not all spells will work. You have to have pure energy and intentions when you are doing the spells.

You can enjoy your spell as long as you do it without trying to hurt others. Have these three things in order to make it work for you:

Do not brag about being a spellcaster or you will see this backfire on you. Spells without ingredients will require more thought and will require more faith. Don’t think that you can set a small intention to make things work because that is not how it goes.

Do not discuss love spells with other people in your life and be sincere when you do them.