Connecting with Spirit Guides

Connecting with Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are a lot like incarnate humans. But spirit guides are larger, more wise, and have a lot more understanding. Everyone has these wonderful guides around us, and we all can access their support and guidance. However, not everybody can establish the connection needed, so we need others to help us so we can access the guidance and receive answers to the crucial questions we all have. I am very connected to my own spirit guides, so I can assist others with support, answers, and guidance regarding which life path they should take.

Spirit guides are able to help people with many aspects of our lives. When I connect with my guides for readings for another person, I get lots of varied information from them in many different forms to help guide the person I’m reading for. If I’m asked a question with a simple “yes” or “no” answer, the answer will seemingly just pop right into my head.

When a client asks me a more difficult question, I can offer them a detailed and helpful answer that covers each aspect of the question that was asked. It appears that I simply “know” what I should say to lead the client to the best possible outcome in their situation, or how they should move forward most effectively. I will also occasionally receive images and pictures that lead me to an especially important point to share with the client.

Energy Blockages and Past Lives

Connecting with Spirit GuidesI can also see a client’s energy blockages, and how these blockages impact daily life. I can send energy to my clients that can dissolve these barriers and set them free. The blockages often are rooted in past lives. If so, I delve into the past, describe it to the client in great detail, and offer guidance on the best way to deal with it, and how to move on.

I am also able to see when people in this current lifetime are from a past life, and I can tell clients why the person has returned to them. This is often something I can help clients heal from by sending them healing energy.

Spirit guides are spirits that once had incarnate lifetimes. All of us have a single main guide, as well as others who will come and go during our lifetimes. All of the guides have specific purposes for connecting with us. We are still in the spiritual realm when we first meet our main guide, who can be an ancestor of ours (either known to us or not) or a spirit who was unknown to us until we meet at that moment.

Our spiritual guides have a major advantage over us in that at the moment of our birth, our life path—the purpose of our lives that’s set before us—becomes hidden to us. But it’s not hidden to our guides, who can therefore take on the role of teacher, guide, and protector. They often form connections to our higher self, and to our purpose and our life path. Our guides can help us connect with spirits and the spiritual realm. Our guides can still access the greater consciousness, the higher understanding and an awareness of the universe, which can help lead us back to it.

Everyone has additional spirit guides. They enter our lives at different points in time. Some are with us for only a short period of time, while others are with us from the very beginning until the very end. Their arrival can relate to significant life changes or difficult circumstances. It all depends on the connections we make with them.

Other guides in life, include animal guides, ascended masters, elementals, and inter-dimensional guides, have various purposes for interacting with us. But all is certainly for our own higher good and to help us on our unique paths in life.

How a Reader Can Help

Our spiritual guides must often feel as though banging their heads against brick walls would accomplish far more than offering advice to us. It’s easy for people to walk through their lives as though we had blinkers on—so we can’t hear, feel, or see what our guides are trying to tell us. That’s why it’s so important to accept help from people who are able to connect. You’ll be guided to where you need to be—often, back to your correct path. Once you’re there, everything will be easier, as your correct path will offer the least resistance.

The most important thing in all of this is to keep your mind open. You may receive unexpected messages. This is normal, as both your guides and the readers connecting with them can see the bigger picture, and will almost certainly be able to see details that you can’t. This is especially true if you’re experiencing an emotional or especially difficult situation.

A reading with a psychic regarding your spiritual guides will help you understand what you need to move forward, which will help you move toward your greatest good in this life. Their advice may seem counterintuitive at times, but in retrospect, you’ll certainly realize why received the guidance you did.