What to do During Your Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Where do you want to go with your soul? What are some things that you have been wondering about? Do you know that your soul will guide you everywhere that you go, even from lifetime to lifetime? Your soul is there to help you to make decisions that you make every day.

What is a Soul Journey?

A soul journey is when your soul travels over different times and different places. This is a journey that is part of everything about you from the things that you say to the things that you think and feel. Don’t worry so much about what a soul journey is but what you are going to do with your own soul journey.

Most people have intuition and when you are aware of this, you can do things and go places where you never thought that you can go. One great thing about your soul is that it will never lie to you.

Journey of Your Soul

From the moment that you are conceived, you are a being. You are a physical body and a spiritual soul. The path that you take will be different than everyone else’s path and you will have different qualities and traits that other people don’t have.

All of the things that you have will help you to reach your life journey. Some might be teachers while others are psychic, some might even be creators.

The soul path is different for everyone and you can help to choose what you want to do in life. You can take things such as classes to help you reach the different goals that you have and to expand your creativity. As you move through life, you are in control of most of it.

Soul Journey and Spiritual Journey

Your soul journey and your spiritual journey are very much the same. The difference between your spiritual journey is that it has to do with your physical being and your life to life. Your spiritual journey will help you to reach your higher self and will help you to have your awakening.

As you figure out what your purpose is in life, you will keep moving forward in life after life. This stops the limits on your physical body and helps you to reach your real purpose.

Part of your journey is looking at who you are. This is when you look at your soul and you look at the work that you are doing. You find out who you really are, and you are your own journey. This is not a selfish thing; this just means that you focus on where you are going and what you want.

As you move through your spiritual journey, you have challenges that you will face. These are physical, emotional, and mental things that you will have to learn to navigate. They will cause you to look at yourself from the inside out and find out what your worth means to you. You will experience things such as anger, sadness, self-centeredness and more. You will probably judge others but then you will get to the point where you know who you are, and you will change your path.

Your soul journey is the entire journey that you are on from the moment you are born. This is the connection between you and the universe.

Soul Connection

As your soul is born, you have different stages that you go through both in the body and the soul. You will have a life from conception that will eventually change to a soul infant.

The thing about the soul birthing is that you do not realize it is going on because you do not mate with someone to make it happen, but it comes from your conscious being.

As the soul is ready to become alive, you will have light that goes towards you and leads you to the spiritual world that you are meant to be in. Your soul will be taken care of by mother incubators that are there to keep you safe.

As your soul is born, you will become full of your soul once you have consciousness in what you are doing. You will then get energy and you will be able to express yourself in different ways.

The soul is asexual, but you will pick up much of the feminine energy through your soul. This happens as you are born, and you become yourself after your umbilical cord is cut. This helps you to feel accepted in life.

Soul Groups

Once you realize who you are, you will not go into your first incarnate right away. You have to have time to know who you are and to see that your soul is alive.

When you are ready for this, your physical body will start its soul journey and you will have a life. You will progress and your soul will grow with your body. This will be when you have human emotions and when you go through life cycles.

Everything is part of your consciousness and when you choose to be something other than human such as a plant or a vegetable, your soul will still guide you through things such as the food chain and when you are eaten and become part of another incarnate.

After going through many lives, you will see that it gets easier to handle things such as your emotions and the different cultures you will experience.

All of your experiences will be part of your soul group. This helps you to stay balanced and helps you to reach your life goals.

Soul Family

When you figure out what you are doing in your life, you will see that your creation is more than being born and reaches more than just on the Earth. You go beyond the solar system and into a place where you are not bound by one thing.

The galaxy is full of wonder and life. You will see that you are existing for a reason and that you have millions and billions of years behind you and ahead of you. The evolution is unending.

The bodies have to have souls so that they can move and if this is your soul purpose then you will choose this because of free will.

The way that you go through different stages will change as you incarnate as a human and you will have different skills that you will learn. You might travel from solar system to solar system so that you can figure out what DNA you will have and then your soul code will be created.

These codes that are created will help you to know what your soul journey is, and it will help you to make a spiritual connection that will allow you to go through stages in your life.

You cannot be part of the star system unless you incarnate, and you have a soul code that works with your soul family. These are things that have already incarnated in you and you cannot get there unless you are related or if you are invited and this is very rare.

As you grow you will see different cultures and people and you will be across different races in your life. You will even see people that go back to the times of the Pleiadeans and the Orion’s. You may come from them.

The common thing that you will have on your journey is that you will be on earth, but this will not stop your soul from traveling the universe. You will learn new things and you will develop as you grow.

Ascension and the Soul Journey

Your soul is always moving, and it doesn’t matter how far or fast you are moving, you will evolve. You will have a soul now that is part of your consciousness and through ascension, this will change.

When you ascend, you will change how aware you are of things around you, and you will see that things in your past life are not holding you back.

Everyone has a dimension that they are part of and the events that they have help them to have unconditional love and self-love that takes time to build. You must learn to increase your vibrations in order to reach your next dimension in life.

The fifth dimension is where the universal laws are, and you can only get there once. This is a hard place to get but sometimes people will skip the fourth dimension and move to the fifth right away.

Your soul journey has a certain order that it has to go through, and it will be 12 different dimensions, and some will even be able to go to a 13th which is being created and there are more than 15 universes. Some of the universes are being created now. There is no way to reach all of the things that your soul wants to do.

If you are living a good life and you are being true to yourself, you can explore these places in your level of consciousness and you can contribute to your own story. You can become the creator of your life and reach your future potential.


Your soul will go through many different stages and changes when it incarnates. This will happen before you begin your life.

Body Selection

You will get the chance to figure out what kind of life and body that you want. You will want to start a new life and have new experiences on your journey.

Then, when this happens, you will talk to your guides and you will work together to create a person that you want to be. You will find your right body and your lifestyle that will help you reach your goals.

Soul Contracts

Along your journey you will make soul contracts with others. These might be other souls in your cluster and other people, but you will do this so that you can do for them or they can do for you in the next life.

This can be a creation of things that have to happen such as getting a certain job or being in a certain family. If you are an old soul, you will have done this many times.

Soul Group and Soul Guides

With each incarnation, you will be the one that is in charge but there will be other people around you that are part of your story. You will have agreements with these people, sometimes even at birth.

Before you reincarnate, you have to make sure that you know who will be in your next life. Once you recognize the people that will be there, you will see that your next life will be full of coincidences that you forget about from your past.

Final Move

Before you are rebirthed, you have to talk to the council of elders. They will help you to know where you are going next. They will give you responsibilities that you have to do.

They have a job to make sure that you know what you are doing and what your duties are in your next life. This is the time you can ask them for changes, and they may or may not agree on it.


Once you are reborn you will always be part of something in your life. You will be more aware of your incarnations as you do it over and over again.

When you go into the womb, you will see that this is like the same as when you died., Your body will have a new opportunity and you will develop as you are becoming a new person.

Physical Body

Once you come into the world through birth, you will have an incarnation that makes you forget the things of your past. This makes you have an easier time on your journey and lets you to live a real life without cheating.

You will have different things that might happen to you such as déjà vu that will help you to know that you are in a different life, but you will always have free will.


When you die and you leave the physical body that you are given, you will have your spirit come to light. This will be the soul going back home.

Wherever you are in your journey, you will be more advanced when you go back again.

Going Back to Your Soul Group

If you are not met by a guide right away when you die, you will see them when they are ready to show you and guide you back to your soul group. This will be when you reunite with your previous incarnations.

You will then be reviewed by the council of elders and they will see how you did in your life. You will have victories that you will take with you in the next work.

Infinite Journey

The journey of your soul will be forever. You will do this over and over again and along the way you will choose different paths. You will not have the pressures of being a certain soul or a certain body and you will want to be as individual as you can.

You will never have to worry about failing or about what is going on because your soul level will help you to learn and move forward.

You will have a journey that is different than others and as long as you stay balanced, you will see that you can learn new things and you can move forward.

The spirit is more supportive of you than people are, and your free will is there to help you experience new things. You are the one in control of your life because this journey is yours and yours alone.