Bad Relationships are Not Better Than Singleness

Bad Relationships are Not Better Than Singleness

All romances begin with hot, lighted fuses. But there are two problems with those fuses. They’re short, and they quickly burn out. When this happens, the failing nature of the relationship is often obvious to everyone except the person who is getting hurt. Often, our fantasies get the best of us, and we commit to going all in. Reason and good judgment fly out the window, and we don’t take time to consider that the “perfect” start to the relationship has no depth or endurance.

In other words, the early stages of a romantic relationship give no true indication of its possible merit.

Unseen spiritual forces are at work in romantic attraction. It involves not only natural forces, but also involves metaphysical forces—those unseen, incomprehensible magnetism-like energy that defies reason and logic and compels people to feel, observe, think, and believe things they otherwise would not.

When we build a relationship with a significant other who is not right for us, or we initiate a one-sided “emotional” love affair, negative spiritual forces are involved and prompting us to act. Negative energy’s main purpose is to deceive us. It gives us stumbling blocks to decrease our personal potential, drain our life force away, and cause suffering.

Sorting this all out takes time, deliberate thought, and lots of practice. If you commit yourself too quickly to romantic entanglements, or if you convince yourself that relationships exist when they really don’t, you’re setting yourself up for trouble.

Spiritual Beings in a Physical Realm

Every human life is a spiritual being that enters the physical realm as a temporary occupant, with a limited, set allotment of time to carry out its mission. Time wasted in unhealthy or superfluous relationships divert its attention away from that mission. That time would be better spent focusing on meaningful growth that leads to the discovery of real love, either with or without a significant other.

Unfortunately, people are deceived and misled by a soul-sick culture. They form romantic relationships that are guaranteed to fail because their choice of partners was wrong from the very start.

But mistakes like this are easily avoidable. We must comprehend that the flash of desire and the heat from connecting with somebody doesn’t mean that the relationship has anything to do with destiny or the spiritual mission. In no way are powerful feelings meant to serve as evidence to prove that a relationship is right for you. They’re not a sign that the relationship is meant to be.

There is nothing wrong with being single. Finding a significant other is not necessarily every person’s destiny! There’s nothing abnormal about people with no romantic partner. Singles live their lives just as authentically and sanely as couples, and possibly even more so. Sexual attraction is a significant hidden manipulator in our lives, and frankly, can ruin it.

So, don’t be so cavalier about romantic ambitions. Too many people believe they need a significant other to be “okay.” But negative energy will enter your life if you connect with the wrong partner just for the sake of connecting. Find yourself first and become a balanced and complete person before you start trying to define yourself by finding a significant other.

If you’re recovering from a bad relationship, or you’re struggling to repair a failing relationship to save yourself, it’s time for you to start thinking differently. To free yourself from the spiraling, pessimistic, circular thought process and to break away from entrenched cultural patterns that favor bad romantic choices, you must think optimistically and elevate your thought patterns.

Love and Rejection

People are ingrained with a fundamental divinely ordained longing to give and receive love. But society teaches us from an early age that this love must be sought and found in romantic, sexual relationships, so that’s where people look for it. Countless people spend most of their waking time thinking about their romantic ideal. It’s a common distraction, but it’s often an elusive, unfulfilled pursuit.

It’s difficult to find “the one” who ticks all the checkboxes on our list. So, many people seize the nearest warm body, then do whatever they can do to mold the relationship into something that it isn’t, and can never become. This delusional play-acting eventually will lead to traumatic breakups, leaving behind unabated loneliness and negative energy.

Unfortunately, we are not fully aware of the fact that our longing for romantic love is an embedded biological instinct geared towards species propagation, with emotional components that no other species experience. Our longings to connect with “our better half” is a deeply rooted psychological and spiritual drive to integrate ourselves, a crucial factor to consider when you’re seeking love.

Whether a relationship was solid and mature or a fleeting fling, the person that’s being left behind will struggle and feel rejected. This is not a healthy state of mind. It can lead to blame, jealousy, denial, vitriol, stalking, dissociation from reality, mental imbalance, and negative energy. To break free, the breakup victim must realize that if the relationship wasn’t good for one partner, it wasn’t good for the other partner, either.

When we fight against reality, we will suffer. And in situations like this, the reality is that a breakup doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been rejected. Look at it this way: life cut you a break and got you out of a negative situation. It’s time to bring your fantasies into the light because somewhere along the way, you lost sight of reality. If things got so bad that your partner broke up with you, then things weren’t good for you, either. Consider yourself fortunate! Being in no relationship at all is far better than being in a bad relationship. It’s time to let go of the past and forge ahead.