Orb Colors and Sizes

Orb Colors and Sizes

Orbs are something that are seen in the paranormal world, and some believe in them while others do not. This is thought to be a spirit that is in the shape of an orb and is sometimes seen in pictures moving around a person. This can mean that the spirit is there with a message for you.

Meaning of Orbs by Size

An orb that is smaller or bigger has a different meaning. The size can show how much energy the orb has. An orb that is larger can mean:

  • Strong emotions.
  • High energy.
  • Divine energy.
  • Spiritual evolving.
  • A ghost.
  • A soul that is lost.

Smaller orbs will not have as much energy and so they can mean things such as:

  • Low spiritual energy.
  • Nature spirits.
  • Elemental spirits.

These orbs can be attached to things such as artifacts or even to light.

Orb Colors

A spirit orb can have different colors, and this can mean that there is an angel or a guide that is close. This can also mean that there is a ghost. This can be the orb trying to give you a message and this can change depending on the vibrational frequency that the orb has.


Here is what a black orb can mean:

  • Low energy vibrations.
  • A warning not to go somewhere.
  • Protection.
  • Warning negative energy is close.


Here is what a blue orb can mean:

  • Angel guide.
  • Spirit guide.
  • Shy spirit.
  • An omen.


Here is what a brown orb can mean:

  • A nature spirit.
  • A wood spirit.
  • An elemental spirit.
  • An earth spirit.
  • A message about nature.


Here is what a yellow orb can mean:

  • A spirit guide.
  • An energy guide.
  • A guardian angel.
  • A warning message.


Here is what a pink orb can mean:

  • An angel guide.
  • A spirit guide.
  • An ascended master.
  • A message about love.
  • A message about compassion.
  • A message about acceptance.


Here is what a white orb can mean:

  • An angel.
  • A guardian angel.
  • A healing spirit.
  • A healing message.
  • That the spirit is pure.
  • That the spirit is innocent.


Here is what a purple orb can mean:

  • A messenger spirit is near.
  • A message from the divine.
  • Psychic information is coming.


Here is what a green orb can mean:

  • A nature spirit.
  • A healing spirit.
  • An elemental spirit.
  • An earth spirit.
  • A faerie spirit.


Here is what an orange orb can mean:

  • Love.
  • Kindness messages.
  • Comfort messages.
  • Forgiveness messages.


Here is what a red orb can mean:

  • A smart guide is close.
  • A guardian angel.
  • A healing spirit.
  • A message about grounding.
  • A message about protection.


Here is what a gold orb can mean:

  • A message from the divine.
  • A spirit guide message.
  • A message about love.
  • An ascended master is close.


Here is what a silver orb can mean:

  • Spirit messages.
  • Spirit guide is coming.
  • You know you are doing good.
  • A protection spirit is close.


Here is what a gray orb can mean:

  • This can be a depression or negative orb.
  • This can be a fear orb.
  • This can bring worry to you.