How to Know You are a Spiritual Lightworker

How to Know You are a Spiritual Lightworker

Whether your spiritual journey is just getting under way or you have been reaching for enlightenment for many years, the idea of being a lightworker has likely arose. At first the concept is confusing and you may wonder if it really applies to you. Questions about whether you can be a lightworker because you are on a spiritual path or it is required for enlightenment will come to the forefront. Below are common signs of being a lightworker, so it is easier to determine if the title applies, but first, we must understand what a lightworker really is.

A spiritual lightworker is a soul that is incarnated to help raise the vibratory field of the planet and aid others toward enlightenment. Many times, lightworkers are called old souls since they are often toward the end of their reincarnation cycle and ready to move on to the next aspect of their spiritual journey. Not all lightworkers will follow the same path and there are no true defining characteristics. Many will never realize they are in service as a lightworker because they have not been acting as a spiritually evolved person in the past, but this can be changed by activating your light body. Read on to learn more about being a lightworker.

Signs and Symptoms

Remember before reviewing the list that no single trait exists to determine if you are a lightworker. It is more about the ideas that apply to you and what you do. If several of the following signs apply, then you are likely a lightworker, even if you are not consciously aware of the fact.

  • Spirituality – This plays an important role in the lightworker’s life. It can come through traditional religion, but always involves a strong commitment to spiritual growth and personal development.
  • Joy and Light-heartedness – As your journey evolves you will realize that judgment and negative feelings are simply obstacles you create for yourself. This allows you to start focusing on the positive aspects of life. This in turn creates positive aspects of life allowing you to be carefree and understand the perfection of all that surrounds you.
  • Empath – Being an empath means you are sensitive to the energy around them, usually through emotions of yourself and others.
  • Serving others – Lightworkers usually have lives centered around helping others. This can be in any form as a teacher, medical provider, and such, but one that shows you want to improve and lift up the planet.
  • Intuitive – Being intuitive means being in touch with your inner nature, reflective, and introspective, and knowing when to follow your gut feelings even without a logical reason to do so.
  • Guidance – Following your own guidance is a sign of being a lightworker because you may go against the traditional path. This is often hand in hand with intuition. Lightworkers know their paths and stick to them even when others do not understand the reasoning.
  • High self-esteem – Fundamentally, you know your worth and that you come from universal energy. You then express warmth and humble confidence.
  • Overcoming a big struggle – Lightworkers rarely lead effortless lives. Most face big life challenges, but how they respond is important. Lightworkers will see the value and growth that comes from the struggle.
  • Compassionate – Lightworkers see the world with a focus on oneness and look beyond the immediate physical causes. This empowers the practice of loving kindness and compassion daily as the lightworker can see the world without judging others.
  • Healer – Lightworkers are often healers in some form, medically, physically, or spiritually. This helps the person become receptive to positive energy.
  • Good in all – When you are a truly compassionate person, you understand that others act at the level of their consciousness. This allows you to see the good behind intentions, even if you do not agree with the actual action.
  • Value love – Spiritual lightworkers are highly loving individuals. This love radiates around them. They understand everything is love and worthy of love.