What to Do When You Feel Weighed Down?

Feel Weighed Down

Have you ever jumped in a puddle or waded in the ocean and your jeans got wet and got really heavy? You realized that you could still walk or even run but it was harder and not as fun as running in dry clothing.

As a grown up, you probably don’t go wading in water or getting your pants wet, but as an adult, being weighed down means that we have too much in our plate, too many responsibilities or we aren’t able to balance things in our life.

If you are someone that is very sensitive, you know when you are dealing with energies that come to you that are going to weigh you down or you know when you give away too much of your own energy. Energy is something that affects everyone and people all over can be weighed down by energies.

Energy is Everywhere

Everything that is alive and even things that aren’t are full of energy. Everything is made up of energy from people to plants and from animals to other things. Even the thoughts that you have and the words that you speak are full of energy. This energy can add up and sometimes the energy will stick to you and will cause you to feel weighed down.

When you have something that is hard to handle, the energy can hold on to you and it can cause you to feel bad and to be negative.

Energy healing can work to make you feel better and if your aura is full of negative energy, you can go to a psychic to get help to get rid of this foreign energy.


Cleansing your energy will help you to live a happier life. Think of a way that you met people today. Think of who you were at work with or who you drank coffee with. Think of your kids and your partner. Think of someone that you had negative contacts with such as someone holding up traffic or someone that took something from you.

Think of all of the different energies that you encountered and think of the positive and negative ones. Visualize the energies and see if the energy is good for you or if it needs to return to a different place.

You will experience ease in your life when you see that you can get rid of negative energy and feel better.

Vacuuming Energy

If you have had a bad day and you were around a lot of negative energy, your life can be full of pain and stress. Go to your house and your body and imagine that you have a vacuumed in your hand. Imagine that you are vacuuming all of the negative energy that doesn’t belong to you. See if you feel better once you do this.


You are here for a reason and your energy should be positive to make you feel good in your life. Pay attention to what you are feeling and see what your life is lacking and what you need to get rid of and have healed.