The Intentions of the New Moon and How to Set Them

The Intentions of the New Moon and How to Set Them

When the last new moon comes each year, it can be based around different rituals. The moon cycle and the rituals are a strong way for you to connect with the universe each year. When the new moon comes and you choose rituals to celebrate, you will see that your new moon ritual will help you to engage and to practice what you believe in. You will see that there is much energy with the new moon.

When someone begins new moon manifesting, they will see that the moon cycles will change and that they will still be able to connect with new things. You can pay attention to how much connecting you can do and what kind of manifestation practices that you want to do. If you want something simple, that is possible with new moon manifestation.

There are eight phases of the moon. Most people know the fifth phase or the full moon phase the most. The new moon is the first phase of the moon, and this is when it orbits from the earth and when the sea and the moon have the same elliptical longitude. This is a time when the moon is not able to be seen unless during a solar eclipse.

New moons can mean the beginning of something new or releasing something. When someone is a farmer, the new moon is the time when the soil is best for planting. Many farmers will plant their seeds during this site and the gravity will pull the water to the top of the soil. You can also do this in a spiritual way and plant new things in your spirit or in your heart so that they can grow in the future. The new moon is a time when you should start something new, and you should set new intentions.

Ask the universe for what you want. Ask for what you want and each new moon you can start clean. Find what you desire the most and let the new moon energize you and give you what you have dreamed about.

Learn to ask for what you want because this is part of the time where you have to dig deep into your soul and figure out what you desire in your life. Make sure that you reach out for your dreams and that you do what you can to get what you desire. You have to really believe in yourself and set your intentions high during this time.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to figure it out on your own, but you can let the moon help you. Be willing to be who you are and to reach out to what you need in your life. Have bravery.

The new moon cycle will happen every 29 and a half days. Each time the new moon happens, you need to set new intentions. Be consistent with what you are seeking and the more energy that you give back to the moon, the more energy you will get. Take time to let the new moon come in. Ask the new moon to make you curious and while you do, meditate, and make sure that you are practicing your intentions.

The new moon will help you to have something new. Write down ten things that you want and stick to the list. The clearer you are and the simpler your list is, the better it will be. There is universal energy that will help you to have more energy and will not let you waste your time. Spend time manifesting.

The new moon list needs to be written by hand and you need to make sure that you are setting high intentions as you are writing. Make sure that your new moon list is strong.

You will have 48 hours to get your intentions set. These are the times where manifestation is most important. You need to get in a habit of working during this time.

Setting New Intentions

When you write down your list, say a prayer about how you are wanting to connect with the universe. Talk about how you want to have love and your greatest good. Keep your prayer simple and use something you can say easily.

Sacred Places

Find a place in your home that is sacred to you and set up an altar. Leave this as a place where you do all of your spiritual practices. Put in plants, crystals, singing bowls, whatever you want to do so that you can make the space your own.

Clear the Space

Get rid of all negative energy out of your space. Make sure that you stay present and that you ground your energy so that your intentions can be strong.

Ask the universe to clear your space for you and to let your energy flow.


Breathing is important and you can do this to clear out your space and to set intentions to the new moon. Take a long breath and put your hand over your heart. Breath in your nose and out of your mouth and do this for a few minutes until you are grounded.

Make sure you thank your guides for helping you.

Writing Your List

Take out paper and a pen and write out your ten list. Know what you want to manifest and make sure it is all for good. Let your karma be clean and clear.

Write down the 10 things that you want. Do not say “I am,” or “I want,” but make your energy clean and strong. Use affirmation language that is positive.

Allow yourself to use big dreams and do not let things hold you back. Ask for what you want and believe in it.

You need to feel each of the things that you write as you write them down. Feel their energy and let it come to you and give you what you want. The Law of Attraction will help you as long as you keep your thoughts and feelings positive.

Feeling the Wish

Once you write things down, meditate for about 20 minutes. Doing this can let your body feel each of the things that you wrote on your list. Keep your intentions strong. Be curious of what you want. After you finish, you can see your dreams come true and the universe will free you of things that are holding you back. Be excited about what you are going to see.

Close It

Once you finish meditating, make sure you close out your new moon ritual. You can put your intentions away until the next new moon when you will see things manifested that you have asked for. Once your items on your list become real, then make sure that you thank the universe. If they don’t happen, revisit them on the next month ritual and do them again as you move forward.

You can get what you want and enjoy time connecting with yourself and the universe if you try the things above. This can help you to reach your highest being and to get the desires of your heart. Even though this only takes a couple of hours each month, make those times count and really believe in what you desire.