How to Angel Pray

How to Angel Pray

Praying is the act of talking and people do it differently. Some people will kneel, others will bow, and some will just sit and rest their arms on their legs. No matter how you do your body, this isn’t important but what is important is how you are praying in your soul and in your mind.

You don’t have to have fancy words to make your prayer good, you just have to allow your prayer to be honest and true.

Angel Praying

Angel praying can be changed, and you can use other prayers when you pray. You can take a prayer you are used to saying and edit it as long as you are being honest.

No matter what kind of prayer you make, it is okay, and your soul is going to help the prayer work for you.

Talking to Your Angels

You might wonder how you can talk to your angels. If you want to do angel praying, chances are you will be disappointed if you think that your angel will come right to you in a vision. Angels are not there to just show up when you want them to, but they are there to help you when the time is right. An angel is not a genie and will not just come because you want them to.

Some believe that they can tell their angels to come, and they will magically appear, but this is not true. You will need to make sure that you are trying to live your best life and allow your angels to come and to guide you, support you and protect you but not always do everything for you.

Kinds of Prayers

Angel praying isn’t something that is hard, but it is something that is great. Here are some ways that you can pray if you don’t know what to do.

Protection Praying

When you need to be protected, you can ask Archangel Michael to come and keep you safe. Here is one way to ask, “Dear Archangel Michael, please get rid of the negativity around me because it is making me tired. I ask you to let your white light shine on me and get rid of the negative energy around me. Thank you!”

Guidance Praying

If you are someone that needs guidance and you don’t know what to ask, you can ask Raphael or other angels like Gabriel to help you. Here is a great prayer to say, “Dear Archangel Raphael, Uriel or Gabriel, I am lost on my journey and everywhere I look I feel like I am getting nowhere. Please help me because I am lost. Send me a sign so that I can get back where I am supposed to be. I thank you and trust you.”

Final Thoughts

No matter what you need, you can reach out to your angels and ask for their help. Always be thankful for the help that you receive from your angels and guides.