Understanding a Medium


A medium is a psychic that is able to reach into the spiritual world. They have strong psychic abilities. They can talk to those that have died and passed on to the other side. Mediums are able to get messages in different ways such as messages in their mind, voices, or images.

When a medium does a séance, they are able to get messages from the spiritual world and some mediums will even go into a trance. Sometimes they are able to pick up lucid dreams and get messages there. The messages that they get can come from all over the world and in a different dimension even. People that are trained in being a medium can get messages from the spirit world.

Celebrity Mediums

There are some mediums that are celebrities, and they are people that are famous for their psychic giftings. Some of them are known all around the world such as the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo and Allison DuBois who is on the show, “Medium.”

There are different psychic abilities that mediums have, and they will sometimes know even from a young age that they are mediums and that they are able to reach into the spiritual world.

Talking to a Medium

If you hire a medium, then you will be able to get a session that helps you to reach into the spiritual world. You will see that some people are skeptical, and they have a harder time getting messages that they need. A medium can work for you, and they have skills that are strong.

Do you have a relative or a loved one that you want to contact? If so, you can tell the medium who you want to contact and you can ask them to bring them to you to talk to you. Tell your medium that you want to get ahold of a certain person before you ever begin so that they can know who to be looking for.

Always know though that there is no real guarantee that your loved one will show up. Sometimes a medium will reach into the spiritual world and find other spirits but not the one that you are hoping to talk to. They can choose to show up or they can choose not to, it isn’t up to the medium to decide but it is up to the spirit.

Psychic Kills

Do you think that you are a medium? If so, you might need to look at developing your psychic skills. Figure out what kind of skills you feel that you have and your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and intuition can help you. Some people feel that they are empaths and are able to feel what other people are feeling.

A clairvoyant is someone that is able to see things that other people can’t see. They can use this to do remote viewing and they are able to help find people, pets and things that are missing. Someone that has psychic gifts such as being an empath are strong when it comes to their emotions and their feelings.

Intuition is another psychic gift that many people have. This is when you are able to just know things without anyone telling you something. This is great for those that do tarot card reading.