Pet Psychics

Pet Psychics

Many people are psychic, and as a matter of fact, they say that everyone is born with some kind of psychic ability. Some people can talk to spirits that have went to the other side from earth and others can even talk to animals.

There is such as thing as a pet psychic and they are very popular. Pet psychics are known for being able to take the energy of the animal that they are talking to and to get answers from it.

Pet Psychics

A pet psychic can communicate with animals by looking at how they move and their body language. They do not use real words, but they use the energy of the animal in order to communicate with it.

Pet psychics are often hired by pet owners to figure out why their pet has different problems such as sicknesses or behavioral problems or they are sometimes hired to find pets that are missing.

Pet owners that have had animals pass away will use a pet psychic so they can communicate with their animal to know if they made it safely to the other side.

Communication with pets and finding lost pets can be successful but many people do not believe in this. Most psychics are even critical of pet psychics because they have a hard time understanding how they get enough information from the owners or can read the body language.

When there is a reading that is a cold reading, the psychic will use the animals by using ESP in order to understand it or to find out where it is. A psychic will sometimes be able to tell the owners when something is bothering the animal or other information that the owner is seeking.

Some believe that pet psychics are real and that they have helped find missing pets and helped to solve the health problems that some animals have. One famous animal psychic is a British television psychic and radio personality named Sonya Fitzpatrick. She has her own show and has been talking to animals of all different kinds since she was a child.

How Does it Work?

An animal psychic will watch how an animal behaves and then will use the energy of the animal in order to communicate with it. Some believe that objects and animals have energies and that psychics can read all about the thing or the animal by feeling the energies.

The psychics believe that the animals do not have a language, but they communicate with feelings instead and they can read these feelings from the animals such as fear, anger, happiness and more.

Pet psychics will get these emotions and images when they are around animals and they can learn to interpret them.

What Can a Pet Psychic Do?

There are different things a pet psychic can do and here are some things that are included:

Find Missing Animals

A pet psychic can communicate with the energy of the animal and they can help to find them by seeking their energies. When they are lost, they can even help to guide them back to their homes.

Health Problems

If a pet has something wrong with it and the vet cannot figure out what, a pet psychic can help to figure out what is wrong with the pet.

Behavior Problems

If your pet is acting crazy or rowdy and barking a lot and you cannot figure out why it has behavioral issues, the pet psychic can help you to figure it out. Maybe your pet is always bothering you at night, let the pet psychic find out why.

End of Life

A pet psychic can help you to know if your pet wants to be put asleep because of its sickness or if it wants to die naturally. If a pet is suffering too much, it might tell the psychic that it wants to die by being put to sleep.

Life Changes

A psychic can help your pet to deal with changes in their life such as a new person in the family, a divorce, a new home or other changes.


Pet psychics are not always believed but a pet psychic can get information about your pet that you might not be able to get. You cannot deny that some pets need help and if a pet psychic can help them, then this is a good gifting to have.