Calming Stones for Having Chill Vibes

Calming Stones for Having Chill Vibes

Crystals are something that can help to increase your vibrations and can make your energy positive. If you feel stressed or anxious in your life, know that there are crystals that can sooth you and calm you.

There are so many crystals that are dedicated to taking away your stress and giving you peace and some are even known to settle you down and to help you feel whole in your life. The stones will connect with your energy and help you to get over problems.

Stress and anxiety can be hard because it is something that takes your energy and can drain you and cause you not to be able to do things. The crystals can change your mindset and help you to concentrate on other things that can help you. Some of the stones connect with the Third Eye Chakra to bring you peace and healing.

7 Calming Stones

Amethyst is one of the stones that helps to open up your third eye. This is a purple stone that brings abundance to your life.

The Amethyst is known to have calming energy and can help you to sleep and have peace in your life. This can also help you to relax and be calm when times are stressful.


The Celestite is a stone that can increase your vibrations and clear negativity out of your mind. This is a blue color and can connect with your heart, third eye and crown chakra.

This stone can give you peace and help you to be calm and soothed and to let go of things you are afraid of.


The Fluorite is a stone that is very popular, and it can help you when you are stressed or going through hard times. This stone is greenish purple and can help to get rid of negativity and replace it with positivity.

When you have emotions that are out of control, concentrate on this stone and figure out what is causing you to feel that way. This stone can help you see things from a different point of view.

Black Tourmaline

This stone is a very calming stone and can also protect you. This stone is good to put boundaries up and to get rid of negative energy that is hounding you.

The Black Tourmaline can keep you safe and cleanse you from negativity in your life and bring you peace and calmness.


The Angelite is a stone that is there to help to get rid of stress and anger and to help you relax and have peace.

Blue Lace Agate

This stone is a stone that looks the color of the ocean. This can give you a calm mind and help you to be calm and to relax.


This is a great crystal if you have trouble sleeping. This stone can help you to be calm and help you to relax in your mind. If you need to have peace and to sleep better, this might be the perfect stone for you.

Using Your Stones

Program your stones to help keep you calm. Just give your intentions to the stone and tell them what you want when you are meditating and holding it in your hand.