Recognizing Signs from Spirits

Recognizing Signs from Spirits

Angels are always around, working on our behalf every moment. They are ethereal beings that are made up of light and love in order to serve mankind. This is not something we are fully capable of understanding. The angels and spirit guides help us way more often then we even know, but we need to learn to take notice and act on what they are showing us.

Guardian angels work to help us in accordance to our soul’s intentions. They will nudge us toward healthy choices without intervening unless we directly ask. They are never going to stop free will. That being said, if you are about to be killed or experience some massive injury that is not part of the plan, they will take action without consent. This intervention is a safeguard. This is in part why they are referred to as “guardian angels”. These benevolent guides love to help you, but we must ask for the assistance. Again, free will, will not be violated unless it is an extreme circumstance. When we do ask, they will there every single time. When they respond, it is according to the soul’s intention and what is the highest good for you. As an example, we may ask to win a million dollars in the lottery, but if that is not part of our soul plan, then abundance will come in other forms, but not the lottery.

When we do take the step of asking for help, it is best not to be too specific on how that help will come. You may want to see or hear from this directly, but for the most part, people are not wired in this way. Instead, most people have clairsentience and can sense the guidance, a gut feeling. This means we are guided by instinct or a sixth sense. It is important to understand that angels and guides provide guidance in different ways. Pay attention to things like repetitive patterns or when different people suggest the same book for reading. Know that both angels and spirit guides are working for you, on your behalf. It is simple for them to point you toward your desired goal, the challenge is them guiding you down a path your mind may be fighting against. Sometimes, it requires divine timing. They are excellent at their jobs.

Intuition is how we discern messages from angels and spirit guides. They try to make it easy by offering repeating signs until we notice or try to send the message in different ways until we understand. Something like song lyrics that randomly pop into your head over and over or several people offering the same advice can be a sign, until you have that aha moment. Even if we do not immediately recognize the sign, it is important to be on watch. Ask the angels for clarification if you do not understand right away. Perhaps you are seeing repeated numbers that are concerning, but keep showing up. You may not understand and then a friend could recommend a book about angel numbers. This is both a sign and a way to interpret it. If you read about the number then find your intuition showing understanding, then you know its correct.

Remember, intuition is the main form of communication from spirit guides and angels. This can come in the form of ideas, thoughts, and sudden insights. The guides are communicating more than we realize, but we can overlook signs. If you work to strengthen your intuition, you will also see more signs and recognize them. They use your inner knowing or intuition to help you know they are speaking. Even when you receive insight, you may not be able to explain how you know what to do, but you will feel it.

Once you have asked for help from angels or spirit guides, ensure their messages are heard and recognized. Sometimes, you will receive help that is not easy to recognize at first, but they will find a way to help and get through. We are designed to receive this type of guidance, so quiet your mind and be open to it. They are working on your behalf.