Open Your Third Eye and Reach Your Full Potential

Open Your Third Eye and Reach Your Full Potential

Long the subject of new age communities, the third eye is the more common term for the sixth chakra.  This chakra governs a person’s intuition and psychic ability.  When the third eye opens, a person become intensely aware of the world around them including space, time and how we relate to the entire universal community.

Before we can have this powerful sight, we must first be able to see ourselves.  Chakra often have association with physical body components and this relationship can help us better understand roots of certain somatic issues.  The third eye has correlation with the endocrine system, and most specifically the pituitary gland.  The endocrine system regulates hormone levels that impact our moods, metabolism and growth.  If someone has a blocked third eye, they could experience lethargy, lack of purpose, headaches, and even nightmares.  Both the third eye and the endocrine system help us integrate ourselves to the world around us, adjust our abilities to function as individual and within broader system, and experience growth.

Where the pituitary gland is responsible for hormone regulations throughout the body, the third eye oversees a balanced spiritual energy field.  The sixth chakra allows us to understand our space in the universal community regardless of space and time.  It teaches us that we are spiritual beings living a physical life to teach us valuable lessons on our path to enlightenment.  To understand the vast scope of the third eye’s power, on must be mature and receptive to profound wisdom.  Typically, this chakra reaches peak development in one’s mid life after the previous five chakras have receive proper development.  One can tell if the third eye is beginning to open if they find themselves ceasing to fear their emotions and open to evolving their belief system.  This is because the third eye is nonjudgmental and instead is able accept life at face value.

Practices to Aid in Opening the Third Eye (Sixth Chakra)

Having an open third eye is to accept ourselves entirely.  One is able to see all the ways we guard ourselves, and project assumptions, feelings and fears onto other individuals.  They become aware of the various duties they have untaken in the world and how each can differ base upon need or expectations.  An open third eye compels us to shed any sense of illusion which can limit our spiritual experience on Earth.  This can be a challenge time to embrace, but a few simple practices can aid your development.

Physical:  Practice Kundalini kriya, a special type of yoga.  This uncoiling of the snake of energy within your body, while travel up the chakra to ensure proper balance optimal physical functioning.

Mental: Journal using “I am” statements.  Allow yourself to go back ten years and create a similar list that was applicable for that time.  Next, experiment with a list for ten years in the future.  Compare the statements and identify lessons you learned and steps you need to take to achieve the life of your dreams.

Emotional:  Allow yourself to act out your emotions.  Through role play you can better understand your emotions and how they impact your daily actions and sense of self.  Play with the full range of the emotion to allow you a sense of healing.  Try not to stay with one emotion too long and remind yourself that you cannot be defined by just a single emotion.

Spiritual:  Keep a dream journal.  The third eye is the guardian of our dreams!  If you are able to increase your remembrance of your dream the more you can improve your connection to your unconscious and the Universal Energy.  Try to spend the first few minutes of your morning writing down all you can remember about your dreams.  If nothing is able to come to you, try meditating for key insights.  With time and practice you will begin to remember more details and ultimately build your psychic abilities.