Loving an Empath is Tough: Here is What to Remember

Loving an Empath is Tough: Here is What to Remember

Loving an empath can be wonderful, but it is also intense. Those who love empaths need to do so honestly, fiercely, and with their whole selves. This is because empaths do not enter love lightly, but with openness that will blow you away. The intensity and powerfulness can be messy at times, but it is very real. This is because empaths are not certain how to love any other way.

To truly understand this, empath must be defined. An empath is a highly sensitive person that can feel, often physically, the energy, moods, and emotions of others. Most empaths also have some degree of “knowing”, psychic ability, without having knowledge or proof of such things. This means empaths are complex and mysterious because of the deep emotions they feel. What lies just below the surface is a world all on its own.

When an empath opens up to you, you can see that world in their eyes. You will see the true vulnerability, pain, honesty, dreams, love, and happiness. With the rich emotions that are racing around, not everyone can love an empath. It can be tough, but the list below will help you get through if you are willing to try a bit.

Don’t Expect Change

Empaths are sensitive and emotional. Nothing will drive one away faster than trying to change these abilities and characteristics. Empaths are different from others, seeing the pain, love, joy, and beauty in the world, but also cry often over the negative that is around. There is no need to change this, but if you want to, move on.

No Caging Allowed

Empaths need to be able to fly high and free when the emotions call for it. There will be both highs and lows, sometimes extremes, but caging an empath up, trying to control emotions will cause them to dim and shut down. This type of damage is hard to correct, but it can be avoided.

Time Alone is a Necessity

Empaths will need down time spent alone. This is necessary to re-energize. This can take on different forms for different people, but it will always be needed. This does not mean an empath does not love you, but it does allow for time to clear the mind and rebuild energy. The empath will come back, happier than ever, but the space is necessary.

Take an Empath Seriously

Empaths are highly creative. They will often have ideas pop into their head and you should listen. No matter how crazy it sounds, listen because empaths are the ones who can change the world. When an empath pours out their heart, take it in because somewhere between the jumble of words, something amazing is being created.

Be Supportive

Empaths are well aware that they are different. To those who are not empaths, the way an empath sees life may not make sense. People will often try to change an empath, but you should be willing to take a chance. Having a little faith in the differences will help create a safe environment for the empath to open up.

Trust Intuition

Empaths are very in-tune to the world. Though many do not believe it, an empath knows what they are talking about. They feel everything from others and even objects at times. When an empath has a good feeling, go with it. Even when they chase dreams, give your trust. This is hard for others to understand, but it will be worth it.

Be Honest

Being honest with an empath is the only way to approach things. Though many will want to sugar coat things, it will leave an empath feeling betrayed. This will lead to a long recovery time and likely end a relationship. It is best to be honest, let the crying happen, and then work on your relationship.

No Competing

Most, though not all, empaths will feel highly connected to animals. It is likely they will have numerous animals that are absolutely and totally loved. They will do almost anything for their animals and you may feel like you are in second place to those animals. You likely are in many ways, but an empath cannot help this. While the love they feel for their pets is intense, it is different than the love felt for others. There is no nee to compete, nor should you try, you will lose. Share the love and watch as the empath doubles all you have given.

Make Them Laugh

An empath’s mind goes nonstop, every day, so if you can find a way to make them laugh uncontrollably and to have fun, then it is a wonderful help. It can be hard for an empath to live in the moment and push the pause button on the multiple ideas that are always running through their heads. Making an empath laugh can help calm their emotions and enjoy the moment.

Some Things Will Never be Given Up

Empaths are strongly connected to the world and often there are some things, or one thing in particular, that has a deep meaning to them. This may sound dramatic, but they will feel lost without it. It may be a volunteer job, or a painting, or certain music. It’s a source of love and passion. Do not expect an empath to give up whatever it is because it changes their hearts for the better.

Daily Broken Hearts

Being an empath is overwhelming and there are days that a single word or photo can cause one to break down into tears. An empath’s heart breaks very easily and it can be devastating. Let them cry and get it out, no questions asked and no advice given. This will be appreciated greatly.

Loving Intensely

Empaths know that they love with great intensity and feel at one with their surroundings. Falling in love for an empath is powerful and can change you forever, but in the wrong hands, things can go very wrong.

Accept the Ability

There are times when having a bit of fun with the ability is appropriate, but judging and belittling who an empath is, is totally different. Being an empath is not something that someone can get over, not should it be expected. Empaths need love in their ability to see the world differently from others.

Don’t Put Your Insecurities on Us

It takes someone extremely secure in who they are to truly love an empath. Casting your own insecurities on an empath may work, but it will break the empath. Feeling what others do is not something that can be turned on and off and being insecure, casting those feelings on an empath, can clip their wings. Allow the empath to remain themselves and trust in their love for you.

Leave Gracefully

If you have met an empath and are not ready to give of yourself fully or deal with the intensity, then walk away gracefully. Do not try to get the empath to change or try to tie them down. Love them enough to leave and allow respect to remain intact. The empath will love you for this. If you are ready to love an empath and the opportunity arises, you are very lucky. It may not be easy, but it will always be worth it.