Signs of Gifted People Around You

Signs of Gifted People Around You

Maybe you have met someone that is different. These people have come to this world to make it a better place. These are people called lightworkers or earth angels. Some believe that earth angels and lightworkers are different kinds of people, but the truth is that they are similar in their personality, and they are just different because no one is born to just be these things.

Some people will choose to try and make the world a better place while others are born for this purpose.

Understanding Lightworkers and Earth Angels

A person that is called an angel often has angelic personalities. This means that they are here to help serve and protect the world around them. Earth angels are there for this purpose.

Lightworkers are known as healers. They want to make the world a better place but they are deeply connected to the universe and their goal is to see the people and the world healed.

If you were born an earth angel, then chances are that you know that you have psychic gifts. You probably know that your intentions are to try to heal others and to make the world a better place.

Signs of Gifted People

Here are some signs that you might be or know an earth angel or a lightworker. These are people that are born with strong psychic gifts. They have a hard time fitting in to society and they are hard people to connect with the world around them.

Connection to Humanity

An earth angel or a lightworker have a special connection to humanity. Even though they might not be able to fit into society, they are able to fit in with people because they want to heal them. Earth angels might not look like an angel but they do go around to guide people and to give themselves to help others.

If you are trying to make the world a better place and you want to see all men healed and helped then you are probably an earth angel or a lightworker.

If you have come to the world to make some changes and you feel that it is something you are called to, take time to connect with who you are. Find people that can mentor you and try to meditate so that you can increase your gifts. Figure out what your psychic abilities are.

Knowing the Pain

Most lightworkers and earth angels can know when someone is in pain. They know that even though people don’t always make the right choices that people are good and that people just need to have some healing to live better.

They know when someone is in pain and they know when an aura needs to be healed. Even when they don’t understand the exact situation, they will try to send healing energies into the world. If you are someone that believes in healing and someone comes to your mind, try, and send them good vibrations.

Keeping the Purpose

Earth angels and lightworkers know that they have a purpose to serve others. They don’t know exactly what or who they are meant to serve and not all will serve the same way. But they do know that they are supposed to help.

Sometimes you will see people that are sad or depressed. These are people that haven’t been able to reach their own desires or they might even be afraid of the life they are living. An earth angel or a lightworker will help them.

The world needs to have more earth angels and lightworkers so that the world could be a better place. When you doubt yourself, do your best to see your good and to believe that you can change things around you.

Psychic Gifts

Gifts that people have are a mystery. Some people know their psychic gifts and their gifts are strong and some have small gifts and they even miss that they have any at all. When you feel the pain of others, this is a gift. When you have empathy, this can be a gift.

Earth angels and lightworkers are meant to help people grow. There will be some that can use telepathy and other gifts that make them look like they have superpowers.

Loving Nature

Most lightworkers and earth angels love nature. They feel connected to the trees, the dirt, the beach and the mountains. Anything that has to do with nature, they love it. If you are reading this and you have a strong draw to nature, you might be a lightworker or earth angel.

You can go out into nature, and it can help to bring healing to you. Nature is one of the best ways to show your love.

Take Time Alone

It is important for a lightworker and an empath to have time alone. Some people hate to be alone, but it is important to get time to relax and even meditate. If you need to have alone time more than others, this could mean that you are a lightworker or an earth angel. Spend your alone time relaxing and communicating with your spirit guides.

Not Fitting In

Most lightworkers and earth angels don’t fit in the world. They are different and they are special. Most lightworkers are able to deal with things around them but they don’t always do it the same as other people.

Society doesn’t always believe in lightworkers, and earth angels will do what it takes to increase their energies. They don’t want to fit into the world they just want to make it better.

They Always Care

People that care for others often get hurt. They deal with people that are hurtful and rude and this can cause them to get overwhelmed. Even though they are trying to help those that are hurting, they often end up hurting.

When you have empathy, you want to help others and sometimes a lightworker and an earth angel will suffer because of their abilities and because of their love for others.

Reaching Their Calling

Sometimes people that have strong gifts suffer because they feel the need to follow their calling. They are sensitive and they connect with the universe but they have a hard time connecting with other people. When they make mistakes, they suffer because of this, and they also suffer because they dream so big.

The mission for the lightworker or earth angel is to help make the world a better place.

What is the Difference Between a Lightworker and an Earth Angel?

Earth angels seem to have more goals than lightworkers. Lightworkers will grow as they expand their gifting and will develop more goals later in life.

Knowing an Earth Angel

Earth angels might look beautiful but you will know them because their aura is calming and strong. They are kind and loving and they help others. How long an earth angel lives will depend on the self-care and their human body that they have.

Earth angels will fall in love just like other people and they love every living thing. But, they are more concerned about helping others so they often end up not finding love at all.

Final Thoughts

If you are an earth angel or a lightworker, you will not get a prize but you will feel that you have accomplished your goal as you help others. The universe is full of life and it loves you and what you are doing to make it a better place. Live your exciting life and see how much your gift is worth it in the end.