Emotional Vampire Types

Emotional Vampire Types

Emotional vampires are not the kinds of vampires that suck blood from you, but instead, they suck the energy out of you.  They leave you feeling tired and angry and exhaust you both mentally and physically.

An emotional vampire is something that will take your mood and turn it form positive to something deeper and darker.  They will cause you to stress and worry while they get happy and free.

Having relationship is important but when we do this, we carry out information and emotions with that person.  This kind of interaction makes you have a positive chemical charge in your mind and will make you feel emotional and happy.

When you are around an emotional vampire, you will not feel this and there will be no positivity.  There will be no communication and your brain will not even realize they exist.

There is a reality that negative emotions cause stress and cause the brain to overwork.  This can cause you to feel bad about yourself and to make you feel that you have to defend who you are.

Emotional Vampires

Emotional vampires can cause you to feel bad and to not have any motivation in life.  There will be negative interactions and it will wear out your energies.

The emotional vampires will become harder to deal with around cell phones and other technologies.


You will catch whatever emotional vampire is around you and you will become toxic.  You will be disrespectful and gossip about others.

There are many things that could happen and when you are around an emotional vampire, they might not mean to, but they will take your peace and cause you to be sad and upset.  This will spread and make you overly sensitive to where you cannot control your emotions and you will be full of hate and anger.  You might be bitter and unhappy and have a negative emotion to follow you.  This will cause you to be weak.

Here are some ways you can tell if you are by an energy vampire:

• Being overly tired.
• Having heavy eyes.
• Headaches.
• Low mood swings.
• Wanting to run away.
• Not able to concentrate.
• Unable to work.

Emotional Vampire Types

There are many different kinds of emotional vampires and you need to be aware of them and their behaviors.  These behaviors will affect you in some way and can mess with your self-esteem.


The first emotional vampire is the narcissist.  They will have no empathy and will want you to do everything the way that they want it done.  They will not appreciate you and will not be kind or authentic.

Protecting Yourself

You have to limit the time with them and not be around them with their bad attitude.  Do not allow them to control how you feel about yourself.  Set limits on their time with you.

Critic Vampire

The critic vampire will show that you are never good enough. They will criticize you for everything you do and will never acknowledge any good out of you.

They can speak in ways to make yourself feel inferior or unworthy.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself by putting up an umbrella and take power of the vampire by telling them that you know what your powers are.

Talker Vampire

The vampire that talks and never listens can take away your energy.  They will put all of their problems on you and will never listen to what you have to say.

Protect Yourself

These people cannot hear your verbal signals and they don’t know how to respond to your non-verbal communication.  You will have to interrupt them and then stop the conversation before you hear any more of it,

Victim Vampire

The vampire that is a victim always feels that they are wrong and that they have been given a bad life.  They feel that everything is hard on them and they are a victim who has been abandoned.

Protect Yourself

These people have low self-esteem and you need to try to build them up.  Make them take responsibility for what they do.

Controlling Vampire

The vampire that is controlling will always try to control you and will be obsessive over you.  They will do their best to manipulate you and to make you feel bad.  They will convince you that you are in need of them.

Protect Yourself

The best way to stop them is to have self-confidence and to show thankfulness for their advice and give your own advice.

Aggressive Vampire

The aggressive vampire is angry and aggressive and might even be violent.  They will have rage and will be hard to be around because you don’t know when they will explode on you.

Protect Yourself

There are ways you can protect yourself, but the best way is to get away from them.

Sarcastic Vampire

When you are around a sarcastic vampire, they will be ironic and hard to get along with.

Protect Yourself

Sarcasm is a weapon, but you have to be careful, so you don’t leave feeling humiliated.  Tell them that you don’t like what they are saying even if they say they are joking.  Tell them their jokes are hurtful.  If this doesn’t stop it, stay away from them.

Being an Emotional Vampire

If you are an emotional vampire, you have to learn to get rid of negative thoughts, stop controlling people, let off steam, stop being critical and don’t feel that the world is out to get you.  Learn to build your self-esteem and improve your communication skills.

Get professional help if you need to because you might be a depressed person.  You can become human again by getting good help and guidance.