Soul Intuition and Insight

Soul Intuition and Insight

Everyone that exists has intuition but just not everyone knows how to use it. Everyone is given intuition to give them guidance and wisdom in their soul.

Intuition can help you to know what is happening and it is something that comes to your soul without you having to have any tools or any other mediums.

Once intuition comes, it helps to guide you and appears to you naturally and can keep your mind calm and you feeling that you are strong. This can give you gut feelings and thoughts that can help you to make it through hard things or to help us to make better decisions.

Everyone has the power of intuition and it is more than a thought. The good thing about intuition is that it can get stronger and it can bring unity to your life.

There are two different forces that we get of knowledge from the time we are born and that is human reason and intuition. We develop our intuition by how we interact and how we learn by what we feel and what is going on around us.

When intuition is not developed, we do not have a way to guide ourselves and we need our intuition to give us wisdom and to engage in actions that are important. When we do wrong things, it means that we are not listening to our intuition.

The Law of Cause and Effect is karma and when you do not follow your intuition, you are not making good karma and you are hurting yourself and leading to a life of pain and hurt.

Life is meant to be successful and good and if you listen to your intuition, you can get the direction you need. You have to live in truth and intuition in order to see that life has meaning and that you have a voice that guides you.

Animals, unlike people, are guided by instinct and man is guided by ego. Intuition that is developed can help you to learn about who you are.

Qualities of Intuition

Intuition can make your senses stronger. It can guide your conscious mind and filter in and out things you need and don’t need. It can give you a different perception and can help you to reach conclusions in your life that are the right path and that are correct. The senses that you have can help you to understand the real nature and character of who you are.

Man does not always reason, but intuition can help a person to learn to reason what is going on and this is through their soul. Intuition comes from your heart and your soul and it can help you to face reality and to do what is mean to be done.


Intuition is a feeling that you get in your heart. You can get this feeling when you meditate or when you are just walking down the street. This is a feeling that you can’t seem to shake and when you learn to recognize it, you see that you are using your intuition. This doesn’t mean that you give up on reasoning and your emotions are there for a purpose.

Having pure reasoning and pure feelings is what intuition is all about. Some women are more developed in their intuition because they learn to be pure and they keep an open mind and heart.

You have to feel and think if you want to use your intuition successfully. You have to learn to feel what is happening and to use your knowledge at the same time. Feeling and thought and reason have to balance, and you have to use your soul to manifest your balance and powers.

Having balance and reason can help you to increase your intuition and give you the idea of truth.

Undeveloped Intuition

When you have intuition that is not developed, you are creating a double feeling. The soul is a real reflection of who you are and if you just follow your own self, you will have a false identity and you will miss out on what intuition is trying to show you.

A man that identifies and knows his own body will only have the five senses, but when man opens up to intuition, he develops more than just the five senses and he learns who he really is.

He uses his mind in a conscious way and allows his thoughts and feelings to understand nature and his soul. He comes so that he can get rid of his own self ego and learn to develop his intuition so that he can be free of thoughts that are not working for him.

Just because you mess up or if you make a wrong judgment, it doesn’t mean that your intuition is underdeveloped, it can mean that you are just making a bad choice and not listening to the right information. This can happen to someone that is developed but everyone makes mistakes here and there.

To avoid mistakes, you have to learn to find the truth in all things that you do. You have to use your intuition in all that you do and learn to make decisions only after you look at your intuition. Do not get caught up in the wrong things.

There is always going to be times where you are not sure what to do in your life but if you use your intuition, you will find that you can be sensitive to more than a feeling. You can find determination and learn to put your intuition into things that will produce things in your life.

You need to concentrate on your success and your happiness and use your intuition to have wisdom and knowledge and to use common sense.

Develop Common Sense

Make sure that you have common sense and that you use this and intuition when you react to the world around you. Find your goals and what you need to do to be successful. Change your job and your relationships if you need to and allow your intelligence to go beyond what you know.

Ask your guides to help you and to move you ahead. Find something positive to turn to and keep moving until you reach your goals. Do not let your flaws hold you back.

Learn to develop your intuition and meditate before you start anything new. Ask your guides to guide you and to help you know what to do.


Make sure to meditate each night and in the morning. If you need a problem solved, meditate and be silent. Do not let your problems overtake you but overtake them. Meditate until you have peace and happiness. Be calm and quiet until you are at peace.

Clear your mind and develop yourself and learn to see what the mind has to offer you but overall look at your soul. Let your intuition guide you and to keep you conscious and perceiving things the right way. Do not grow tired of doing this and being sensitive.

Meditate and allow your life form to grow. Be wise and be aware of what is going on around you.

Your guides can help you with visions and can talk to you in your spirit. They can speak to you and you can use your intuition to develop it. When you have thoughts that are not good, talk to yourself and your guides and let them help you. Do this a few times a day or a few times a week and allow your life to be better.

Religion and Intuition

Your soul can help you to learn to meditate and chances are that you have heard about meditation through yoga practices and other practices. By making an effort, you can work through your thoughts and you can learn to understand life.

Stop rationalizing what you should or shouldn’t do and learn to develop your intuition. Limit your power and be truthful. Deep meditation should help you to be clear and to realize who you are.

People that have other languages and use intuition are intelligent and you can use your divine wisdom to help you. Learn to have senses and to manifest knowledge to yourself and truth.

Do not be delusional and do not be ignorant to what you feel. Cosmic delusion or maya and individual ignorance or the avidya work together to make you miss out on things you need. Meditate and be deep and find light and get out of the darkness.

When you meditate you can guide your soul and can give you patience. Be persistent when you meditate so that you can be calm and find what you are looking for. Look at those that have been enlightened throughout the world and find yourself in the same place that they are. This can help you to be rewarded in your soul and help you to embrace your life in goodness.