Getting Help from Your Spirit Guides

Getting Help from Your Spirit Guides

There is a group of spirit guides, angels and ancestors that are there to help you. They can communicate with you through visions, signs, symbols, and might even show themselves in your emails or in the decisions that you make.

Maybe you can hear things coming from your soul that is guiding you to make good decisions. You might even have divine inspiration so that you can make business or career choices and maybe even to get help with your relationships.

When you begin to work with your guides often, you will see that they show up more. They might allow you to write things they are telling you and maybe they will send information your way that can help you in your life.

The best thing is that these guides can help you, but they can help you to help others as well.

When you see evidence of guidance in your life, you will see that you have breakthroughs in things that affect you. People that have done spiritual work around you might tell you that developing your person can help you to have breakthroughs in your life.

Maybe you work hard and you realize that when you have your spirit guides that you can work less and still get the results that you want and need because you have their support.

Being someone close to your spirit guides can help you to be a leader to those that are looking to connect with their guides. Having your guides makes working easier and makes you not be alone.

If you are shameful of the things that you are doing in your life, ask your spirit guides to help you because they were there for that purpose.

Some people might find you crazy for talking to your spirit guides, but this is because the world is full of ego and ego does not make room for beliefs. You have to have a direct connection so that you can reach the divine and be willing to connect to a different calling on this earth.

You have a gate over you called the 7th chakra and it is there to help you connect to the spiritual forces around you. Everyone has it rather they know it or not.

You have angels and guides that are there to help you and to show you what you should do with your life. If you want to connect with your guides, there are some ways that you can do that.

Connecting with Your Guides

When you were a child, you were more intuitive than you are as an adult. This is because you are not fed a lot of different beliefs from society and when you get older you might become ashamed of things you had in your past.

If you want to connect with your guides now, you have to let go of fears that you had that are blocking you and let yourself become inspired.

Forcing It

One thing you cannot do is to force your guides to give you messages. You do not have to have them prove anything to you. You can be expectant but not forceful.

Pressuring and judging yourself can be part of your ego and you need to get it in control. The spirit realm will talk to you in a different way than your ego does, and your soul will guide you and give you knowledge about things.

You cannot force your guides to speak to you, but you can ask them to come to you. Notice when they do because they will communicate with you in ways that others do not.

If you are worried or afraid of losing control, it is okay. Your guides will talk to you in ways that you do not expect it such as in dreams, visions or maybe even in songs.


Give yourself room to accept your guides. Remember that your guides speak their own language and they do not just talk to you when you are asking or running around looking for answers.

Meditate and let your brain be quiet so that you can get rid of the chatter that your brain gives you. Take a few minutes each day to meditate and be quiet. Be aware of the noise in your mind and empty it out.

You will be amazed at the communication that will come to you when you do this. Then you can find your inspiration and get rid of the burdens that you carry and have peace.

Write down how your meditation went and how it made you feel. Let the love of your guides flow through you.