Connecting to your angels

Connecting to your angels

Simple mediations can help you relax. It can also help you to clear your mind and your energy.  When you meditate with the intent to connect with your angels, you can get help with these simple task. The more you meditate with intent, the easier it will become.

Regular meditation is important to success as you build your connection to the universe. Not only will contacting your angels help you in this lifetime, it also helps you build happiness within your self. It’s effectiveness has improved the lives of its many practitioners.

Just about anyone can mediate to connect with their angels.  All you need is the desire to connect and the ability to still and center yourself with intention.
This meditation can help if you have been seeing repeating numbers by opening a portal for change and growth, by creating a bridge between worlds.  Your wellbeing and self confidence will grow.

If you are having trouble visualizing while you are meditating you can practice by daydreaming. If you get stuck, try and picture your last vacation or a pleasant memory.  If you are sill having problems, look at your overall health. You may be dehydrated or restless.  Check in with your self before your next session.

Journal about your successful mediations, especially if you find answers or ideas.  Don’t be surprised if you cry or have other strong emotions while doing this kind of mediation. Just honor your feelings by accepting them.

You may see more than one angel during your mediation. You could see your Guardian Angel as well as others. Once you are comfortable with this mediation you can always ask who they are. Talk them. Remember they are your friends.

While you can ask your angels anything, try asking open ended questions.  After all, angels have the wisdom of the universe at the ready don’t just ask yes or no questions.

No matter what questions you ask, you have to be ready for any answers even if it’s not the answer you were looking for.  They will always tell you want you need to know.

Remember that mediation is about building your inner trust. As you connect with your angel more and more, the questions and their answers will be easier to ask and understand.