Aura Reading

Aura Reading

Having a strong and healthy aura is important in all aspects of your life. Your aura is the central part of your energy core and a protection around your body like a shield. When your aura is strong and protected, you will feel strong and energized, happy, and peaceful.

Healthy Aura

Your aura needs to be healthy and when you are feeling full of energy, strong and happy, chances are your aura is happy and healthy but when you feel lethargic and weak, you are probably dealing with a dirty and broken aura.

You need to move towards a better self, and you need to learn to protect and help yourself. You can do this by cleansing your aura and helping yourself to become strong and healthy. This can even help you to gain the self-confidence that you were hoping for.

Look at these tips and see how you can tell if your aura is healthy or unhealthy. Having a healthy aura can help you to be able to identify more with the spirit world and help you to have strong body and a mind. When your aura is unhealthy, it can keep you feeling depressed, unhappy, and vulnerable.

When you think about your aura, think about times where you have been more aware. Think about times where you have lacked in your feelings of intuition or connecting with the spirit world.

Your aura is part of your perception and where your intuition partly lies. When you are interacting with others, look at their aura and compare it to yours. Interpret the relationship and see what your aura tells you about the situation.

Write down your thoughts and feelings and what you are feeling immediately.

Healthy Aura

When your aura is healthy you will feel:

  • Connected to the spirit world.
  • Connected to your inner-self.
  • Connected to others.
  • Have self-love.
  • Love others.
  • Strong in meditation.
  • Able to know if your chakras are balanced.
  • Protected.
  • Secure
  • Healthy.
  • Safe.
  • Loving.
  • Kind
  • Cheerful.
  • Friendly.
  • Alive.
  • Vibrant.
  • Comfortable.
  • Protected.
  • Secure
  • Strong to hear your inner voice.
  • Sense when someone is around you.
  • Able to tell when people are behind you.
  • Peaceful.
  • Thankful.
  • Grounded.
  • Respectful
  • Able to communicate.

Unhealthy Chakra

When your chakra is unhealthy, you might feel these things:

  • Neglected.
  • Unable to love yourself.
  • Unhealthy.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • Unhealthy eating.
  • Not able to heal yourself.
  • Distracted.
  • Defensive.
  • Responding negatively.
  • Invaded.
  • Losing of yourself.
  • Unable to communicate.
  • Lying.
  • Clenched muscles.
  • Defensive.
  • Fearful.
  • Grumpy.
  • Tired.
  • Judged.
  • Unwanted.
  • Unworthy.
  • Vulnerable.
  • Bad feelings.
  • Unable to move forward.
  • Unable to move on from bad circumstances.
  • Uncomfortable.

Here are some activities that you can do to make sure that you are protecting and keeping your aura strong and healthy. Remember, the aura provides you protection and you need to keep it strong and healthy so your mind, body and soul can be strong and healthy:

Boundaries and Healing

  • Meditating.
  • Grounding.
  • Self-love
  • Affirmations.
  • Walking in nature.
  • Positive thoughts.
  • Aura of light.
  • Conscious breathing.
  • Truth telling.
  • Showing your beauty.
  • Respecting self.
  • Respecting others.
  • Having positive thoughts.
  • Being graceful.
  • Being thankful.
  • Having a safe space.
  • Being present.

Your aura can become unhealthy when you do these things:

  • Stop daily meditation.
  • Overwork.
  • Overthink things.
  • Not helping yourself.
  • Taking attacks verbally or physically.
  • Worrying.
  • Being obsessed.
  • Jealousy.
  • Fear.
  • Mental obsession.
  • Over exposed to media.
  • Going in crowds of people.
  • Depressing feelings and thoughts.
  • Focusing on negative energies.
  • Not trusting yourself.
  • Not trusting your intuition,
  • Taking on other people’s pain.

Look at the above lists and see if you are falling in any of these categories. Remember, your health is a choice and you can make sure that your body, mind, and emotions are strong, and you can start with healing your aura. Work hard to better who you are and to become better inside.