The difference between a psychic and an intuitive counselor

The difference between a psychic and an intuitive counselor

The difference between a psychic and an intuitive counselorWhen you want to receive any information from your spirits, angels and deceased relatives, you can seek them on your own or request a specialist to tune in so that they can get the information for you.

A specialist is someone you go to seek advice, they help you get that information you can’t get on your own or rather that which you don’t trust and you need clarification.

Its recommended for you to seek the advice of someone more experienced, this is just the same as any other profession that provides service. Get someone who has done reading for thousands of clients and knows well what they are doing. They will be a bit expensive but their services are worth it.

According to me, a psychic and a counselor are two different things. And it’s very essential to know the difference so that you get what you want.

In any case, you want to know the difference, I’m going to tell you.

A psychic looks into the future and tells you what’s coming. There’s nothing wrong about that, the psychic will give you a possible occurrence since the future can change. It’s just something that might happen, it’s not a guarantee that it will.

An intuitive counselor directs you on the path or direction you need to take for you to get what you want. She does this by tuning into your guides. Do you now see the difference?

I am writing about this because some clients come to me and ask “tell me where I’m going to be in the next 5 years”.

I can’t do that because your future depends on the decisions you make today.

Any intuitive counselor who is going to tell you where you’ll be in the next 5 years is denying you the chance of creating the life that you desire.

An intuitive counselor will help you see what you have to do today for you to have a brighter future. There’s true power in that.

Therefore, if you are unable to tune into your guides alone, look for a professional intuitive who can advise you on what to do.