How an Empath Can Heal Themselves

How an Empath Can Heal Themselves

Frequently intuitive individuals or people skilled in energy work are empaths.  Unfortunately, this blessing can be difficult when one absorbs the problems of someone nearby.  A surplus of negative energy can be harmful for one’s physical and mental well-being.  We have discovered a helpful method any empath can use to promote self-healing.

Returning emotions to their original owner:

You don’t deserve to be the repository for anyone else’s emotions but your own!  This easy exercise is broken down into simple steps to ensure you are only dealing with your energy.

  1. Sit comfortably with hands resting on your lap, palms turned upward.
  2. Sense the emotions that have clung onto you that actually belong to someone else. Notice where in your energy field or physical body they are residing.
  3. If they are residing in a single space you can diffuse them. Set an intention to consolidate the energy into one mass.
  4. Envision, either by intention or imagination, this mass is resting or floating on your open hands.
  5. Allow the original owner of these emotions to materialize within your third eye
  6. With pure intentions, return this mass to them. You may see yourself handing it to them, or you could physically stretch out your hands as if they were directly in front of you.
  7. At their highest plane, this person knows this emotion is solely theirs to manage. Visualize them accepting this mass.  Picture yourself releasing it with as minimal energetic or emotional charge possible, like you are returning a tool to the shed.  This emotion is once again solely their responsibility and how they navigate it is no longer any concern to you.
  8. Should you notice and residual energy left behind, release it from your body by either shaking your hands out, washing them in cool soapy water, or whatever method is dictated by your intuition.
  9. End by scanning your body to see how you feel now, and any difference from before the exercise.

It is helpful to periodically scan your body, especially following difficult exchanges with people.  Notice if you have begun to assume sadness, anxiety, anger or heaviness that is not yours to manage.  This might be a sign to practice the exercise listed above!