Gateway to Intuition: Third-Eye Chakra

Gateway to Intuition: Third-Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is the gateway to psychic sensitivity and intuition. This third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead. Learning to use your third eye to view the world can open you up to deeper spiritual levels. This expands your vision, intuitive wisdom, and psychic potential as you view the world in a whole new way.

Known as the Agna by Hindus, they believe this is the portal that all experience is channeled through over time. Tantric meditation can focus on diverting life force through here after it flows up the spine and through the body toward the third eye. This is also known as kundalini energy. In fact, the third eye is so powerful it is often honored by being painted for a wedding ceremony or religious celebration. Typically as a small colored dot, most often red or yellow, that is referred to as Bindhis. The colors are chosen to represent power and love, as well as mental activity and intenguity.

When working with this powerful chakra, take it slow. You are opening up the vision to all of creation, which can be overwhelming. Go slowly to give yourself time to adjust.

How to Connect

When connecting to your third eye, start by running your fingers gently over the forehead to feel the small indention where it is located. If the area feels tight then massage it in clockwise circles as you visualize indigo light coming through the area. Massaging the area can relieve a tension headache right behind the eyes and may clear your vision. If an acupuncturist places a needle here, it often provides instant calm for the receiver.

For some, holding a crystal, usually amethyst, to the area can open it and allow for new vision. Flourite can then be used to expand vision, but must be used with caution as a psychic vision can occur. If experimenting with crystals, lapis lazuli and rose quartz have been shown to be nourishing and soothing, respectively.

If Tarot is part of your experience then the High Priestess from a major arcana deck can be used during meditation as well. Place the card on the area as she holds the space between this world and the beyond.

We all have natural abilities to connect with creation and a level of intuition, but it needs developed. We must gain the confidence in our own intuition and third eye revelation. Once open, we must find ways to integrate our new wisdom into every day happenings. Journal your intuitions and impressions each day to connect better with ourselves.