Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

It might be hard to develop your psychic giftings but there are different techniques that you can use to get your gifts stronger.

In order to really increase your giftings, make sure that you do these practices each day. Figure out what works the best for you and most of all be open minded and have fun with it.

Tips to Develop Psychic Gifts

One of the best ways to develop your gifts is to meditate each day for a few minutes. Start small such as five or ten minutes and then work up to longer. When you meditate, it allows you to concentrate on your abilities and your energies and it helps to increase your vibrational frequencies.

Meditating will help you relax and will raise your vibrations, allowing you to connect with your higher being. Learn to have fun and concentrate.

Know Your Guides

When you are meditating, ask your guides to reveal themselves to you. You can find a lot out about your guides by asking them questions such as their names or what color they like.


Psychometry is a way that you can read the energies of different objects. Practice holding onto an object and see if you can feel the energies that it has. Close your eyes and use your intuition to guide you. Ask the owner of the object if you are right when you practice this.

Zener Cards

Zener cards are another way you can practice your gifts. These have images on them, and you can have a friend hold them while you try to read the image with your mind.


Use visualization to increase your giftings such as your clairvoyant gifts. Get flowers and put them in front of you and then try to imagine the flower in your mind. Move on until you have gone through all of the flowers.

Random Visualization

Once you learn to visualize by looking at objects try this with other things besides flowers.

Close your eyes and open up your third eye. Allow images to come to your mind and your mind to take you to special places.


Spend time in nature to increase your gifts and to ground yourself. When you are in nature, you can boost this even further by meditating. Go barefoot in the grass or hug a tree. Walking in nature can help you to become one with the earth.


Take time to read books, websites and blog posts about increasing your gifts. Find websites that you can trust that can lead you down the right journey.

Antique Stores

Go into different thrift and antique stores and try to feel what the objects are showing you. See if the energy feels happy, light or heavy. Pick up different objects and see what you sense.


Psychic books come in different forms and some can be literal and some symbolic. Sit and read your books and ask the angels to tell you what the books mean.

Then, ask the angels to give you different symbols and learn to determine what they mean. Journal your symbols so you can keep them close to you.

Tarot Cards

Buy a deck of Tarot cards and instead of looking up the meaning of them, use your intuition to tell you what they mean. Write down what you think they all mean and then look up the meanings. This can help you develop your gifts.

Aura Reading

You can learn to read auras and you can do this by practicing reading your own. Stand in front of a plain colored wall and step back a few feet, 6-8 feet and imagine that you are looking at the layers of your aura.


Clairaudience is a gift of psychic hearing. When you are ready for bed, relax and listen to the sounds you hear around you such as the wind blowing, crickets chirping and whatever you hear. Learn to concentrate on each sound.

When you concentrate on these sounds it can develop your psychic hearing and help you to increase your gifts.

Practice Giving Readings

Use your friends and get them to let you do readings on them. You can do all the readings on your friends that you want and get good practice.


When you are sitting with your pet, learn to try to figure out what they are feeling through your intuition. This can help you build your confidence.

Family Pictures

Use family pictures and albums to concentrate on people that you have never met or that you know, and they have passed away. Look at the different photographs and write down what you are sensing.


Get a journal and write down everything that is about your psychic gifts including dreams, visions, symbols and things that come to your heart.


Ask your spirit guides to support you and learn to communicate with them.


Use your telepathy to try to get someone to call you.  See if they call you within a day.

Development Circles

Go to psychic development circles and learn with others that want to increase their giftings as well.

Know Psychics

Find some psychics around you that you can get to know. They can give you support and help you to develop your gifts.

Turn Them On

One of the most important things of psychic gifts is turning them on and off and controlling them. You have to learn to do this or you will always be picking up information.

Practice closing off your gifts and turning them on. Ask your guides to help you. Use candle visualization to open up your gifts.

Turn Them Off

When you are done turning your gifts on, practice turning them off. Imagine blowing out the candle you imagined and turn your gifts off.

Third Eye

Focus on your third eye and imagine turning it on and opening it up.

High Vibrations

The higher your vibrations are the better you will feel. Having high vibrations can give you joy and help you to connect with your guides better.

When your vibrations are high, you will attract people that also have high vibrations. Having low vibrations can bring depression and sickness.

Eat Healthy

Find foods that are healthy to eat because it can increase your vibrations and make you feel better. This can also increase your psychic gifts.

Dream Journal

When you begin developing your gifts, you need to keep in mind everything that has happened. Take time each day to write down your dreams. See if your guides give you dreams that help you. This can be something you can keep forever.