Signs You Are Being Visited by an Angel

Signs You Are Being Visited by an Angel

Many people believe that their guardian angel is there to look out for them while others believe that their angel is their loved one that has passed away.

For those people that do believe in guardian angels, it can be possible that they are close to you and there are some signs that you can look for to see if you have angels that are visiting you.


Dreams are sometimes considered part of the soul, but they can also show you that angels are close by.  People that believe in guardian angels believe that their angels are watching over them.  They might try to deliver you messages in your dream.

Seeing Orbs

If you see colored orbs and think that you are just seeing things, these orbs can actually be angels every day in your life or in pictures.  Some believe that these are angels floating by you and watching over you.

Sweet Smells

If you smell something that smells good, but you can’t figure out why, this could mean there is an angel close to you.

Some people think that sweet smells can be a person’s angel reaching out to you so that you know they are close by.  These can smell like yummy food or flowers.


A white feather is a sign that an angel is in your path.  These can be close to you at times where there is not a bird or anything that has feathers.  This can prove to you that you are not alone and be a good sign for you.

Your Baby

Some people think that babies and pets can see angels even when we cannot.  Angels are supposed to put babies and animals at calmness.

You might see your pet or your baby looking in a certain place in the house or see your baby smiling for no reason.  If your baby looks like he or she sees something, it could be your angel.


When you look at clouds and see certain shapes that look like angels, don’t take this lightly.  This could be a sign that your angel is watching over you.  This can be nice shapes in the sky and in the clouds from a person that is meaningful to you.


One of the most known ways to see an angel is through Angel Numbers.  These are numbers that have a specific meaning to you such as someone’s birthday or age.  These can also be repeating numbers that are always popping up.


If you feel the temperature suddenly change to cool or warm, this could mean an angel is close.  Sometimes angels will change the temperature by giving you a hug or by showing you that they are there by the way the room feels.


You might not be able to actually talk to your angel, but you might hear voices when you are quiet.  If you hear muffled voices in the distance, it could be your angel telling you that they are close to you.


Everyone feels that they are alone sometimes.  This could be a time when an angel is with you.  Sometimes even when people are in the room with you, angels can make you feel that no one else is there.


If you get tingling sensation on your head or on your arms, you might have your guardian angel close by. This is a way that they are trying to attempt to communicate with you and tell you they are there.


While many people do not believe in guardian angels, there are people that believe that they exist and that they guide them.  These angels can show you that you are not alone and they will be by your side forever.