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Loving an Empath is Tough: Here is What to Remember

Loving an empath can be wonderful, but it is also intense. Those who love empaths need to do so honestly, fiercely, and with their whole selves. This is because empaths do not enter love lightly, but with openness that will blow you away. The intensity and powerfulness can be messy at times, but it is very real. This is because empaths are not certain how to love any other way. To truly understand...[Read More]

Emotional Vampire Types

Emotional vampires are not the kinds of vampires that suck blood from you, but instead, they suck the energy out of you.  They leave you feeling tired and angry and exhaust you both mentally and physically. An emotional vampire is something that will take your mood and turn it form positive to something deeper and darker.  They will cause you to stress and worry while they get happy and free. Havi...[Read More]

Bad Relationships are Not Better Than Singleness

All romances begin with hot, lighted fuses. But there are two problems with those fuses. They’re short, and they quickly burn out. When this happens, the failing nature of the relationship is often obvious to everyone except the person who is getting hurt. Often, our fantasies get the best of us, and we commit to going all in. Reason and good judgment fly out the window, and we don’t take time to ...[Read More]

Signs You Are Being Visited by an Angel

Many people believe that their guardian angel is there to look out for them while others believe that their angel is their loved one that has passed away. For those people that do believe in guardian angels, it can be possible that they are close to you and there are some signs that you can look for to see if you have angels that are visiting you. Dreams Dreams are sometimes considered part of the...[Read More]

Open Your Third Eye and Reach Your Full Potential

Long the subject of new age communities, the third eye is the more common term for the sixth chakra.  This chakra governs a person’s intuition and psychic ability.  When the third eye opens, a person become intensely aware of the world around them including space, time and how we relate to the entire universal community. Before we can have this powerful sight, we must first be able to see ourselve...[Read More]

Light Spirits Versus Dark Spirits

When you look in the spirit world, you always think it is a huge thing that you can never really reach.  When you try to communicate with a spirit, you feel that it is so vast that you are in an ocean.  Sometimes, people feel that this is freeing and exciting while others feel that things are too risky, and they become nervous. This also happens when you are trying to communicate in the spirit wor...[Read More]

Gateway to Intuition: Third-Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is the gateway to psychic sensitivity and intuition. This third eye chakra is located in the center of your forehead. Learning to use your third eye to view the world can open you up to deeper spiritual levels. This expands your vision, intuitive wisdom, and psychic potential as you view the world in a whole new way. Known as the Agna by Hindus, they believe this is the portal tha...[Read More]

How to Receive Accurate Psychic Messages

Have you recently found yourself going on multiple interviews and want to know which is your dream job?  Are you looking to start a family and wondering about your future child?  Are you concerned that the lump you felt the other day is cancer? These are a few of the many reasons that it might be time for you to visit a psychic.  However, there are many people who will claim to have the ability to...[Read More]

The difference between a psychic and an intuitive counselor

When you want to receive any information from your spirits, angels and deceased relatives, you can seek them on your own or request a specialist to tune in so that they can get the information for you. A specialist is someone you go to seek advice, they help you get that information you can’t get on your own or rather that which you don’t trust and you need clarification. Its recommended for you t...[Read More]

Connecting to your angels

Simple mediations can help you relax. It can also help you to clear your mind and your energy.  When you meditate with the intent to connect with your angels, you can get help with these simple task. The more you meditate with intent, the easier it will become. Regular meditation is important to success as you build your connection to the universe. Not only will contacting your angels help you in ...[Read More]

Are Psychic Abilities Inherited?

A lot of evidence points to the fact that psychics are not the first in their family to possess the psychic gene. They are passed from one generation to another and the gift is usually there, whether utilized or not. My gifts aren’t easy to track, to be sincere. my maternal nanny was adopted, and so was my father, and now that my nanny is dead, it’s even getting more complicated. I still don...[Read More]

Connecting with Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are a lot like incarnate humans. But spirit guides are larger, more wise, and have a lot more understanding. Everyone has these wonderful guides around us, and we all can access their support and guidance. However, not everybody can establish the connection needed, so we need others to help us so we can access the guidance and receive answers to the crucial questions we all have. I a...[Read More]