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Signs from the Universe to Help You Prosper

Are you someone that is always trying to do the right thing and make the right decisions but sometimes you just don’t know where to go? You look for signs and you want the universe to lead you in the right direction, but you just don’t feel like you are seeing anything? The universe is always giving you signs to help you to go the right direction in your life. Sometimes we just fail to pay attenti...[Read More]

Grounding to Help with Spiritual Renewal

Some studies show that the average American spends 95% of their lives indoors with an average of 24 hours or more each week online. It is more important than ever to establish a grounding practice that is able to improve emotional and physical wellbeing. Grounding, which is basically touching the earth directly, is an antidote to the modern, indoor life toxicity. Grounding is shown to reduce depre...[Read More]

Knowledge Is In the Palms of Your Hands

Palmistry has always been a fascination for many people. Some in decades past would venture out to nomads traveling through to get a reading while practically everyone has stopped at a palm reading shop along a boardwalk at some point in their life. Most don’t consider palmistry as significant in defining your future but the art of it goes back thousands of years. While it is most well-known...[Read More]

The Intentions of the New Moon and How to Set Them

When the last new moon comes each year, it can be based around different rituals. The moon cycle and the rituals are a strong way for you to connect with the universe each year. When the new moon comes and you choose rituals to celebrate, you will see that your new moon ritual will help you to engage and to practice what you believe in. You will see that there is much energy with the new moon. Whe...[Read More]

The Most Intense Magical Skills for Each Zodiac Element

Those familiar with the fundamentals of magic and witchcraft throughout history are vocal about the importance of the elements.  At its core of most magical spells and gifts, the caster knows the role each element has on our inherent talents. Each of the four basic element has a unique power, governing a specific aspect of our daily life.  When you join the natural elements of air, fire, earth, an...[Read More]

What to Do When You Feel Weighed Down?

Have you ever jumped in a puddle or waded in the ocean and your jeans got wet and got really heavy? You realized that you could still walk or even run but it was harder and not as fun as running in dry clothing. As a grown up, you probably don’t go wading in water or getting your pants wet, but as an adult, being weighed down means that we have too much in our plate, too many responsibilities or w...[Read More]

What to do During Your Soul Journey

Where do you want to go with your soul? What are some things that you have been wondering about? Do you know that your soul will guide you everywhere that you go, even from lifetime to lifetime? Your soul is there to help you to make decisions that you make every day. What is a Soul Journey? A soul journey is when your soul travels over different times and different places. This is a journey that ...[Read More]

The Truth About Relationships

Relationships are lessons that people learn. When we know that relationships are part of life, we understand that the universe is trying to teach us lessons and help us to break away from our ego. Relationships are helpful for people so that they can learn. We know relationships are important because of all of the books written about them. When we live our life lesson and we go through relationshi...[Read More]

Getting the Right Messages During a Psychic Reading

Are there certain things that you can talk about with some people but with others you can’t? Do you feel that these people are close friends or families? Most people have those in their lives that they can talk to about anything at all. It always matters to people if someone will care about them or listen to them. People want to have love and support from other people, and they want to have people...[Read More]

Psychic Shield Specifically for Empaths

Most everyone who has natural intuitive abilities at high levels through clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairaudience are also clairsentient. Empathy which is experiencing external emotional energies as your own is the foundation of being psychic. Those who are lightworkers understand it comes with the daily work. For those who extend the ability into professional careers are therapists, couns...[Read More]

How to Stay Grounded

Being grounded is a good thing and when you feel anxious or stressed in your life, there are things that you can do to ground yourself and to keep yourself strong. Grounding yourself means that you are dealing with strong emotions and you are learning to connect with yourself by being calmer and by allowing the universe to help you. There are many benefits that can be found in grounding and when y...[Read More]

Sensitive People Need to Protect Their Energy: Here’s How

Sensitive people, also known as empaths, have the ability to be emotional sponges. This can be heightened by social events, when around co-workers, or even just in a crowd. If empaths are around love and peace, their bodies will assimilate and flourish, but too much negativity will leave them feeling exhausted and somewhat assaulted. For an empath to truly enjoy being around others, they must lear...[Read More]