Are Psychic Abilities Inherited?

Are Psychic Abilities Inherited?

A lot of evidence points to the fact that psychics are not the first in their family to possess the psychic gene. They are passed from one generation to another and the gift is usually there, whether utilized or not.

My gifts aren’t easy to track, to be sincere. my maternal nanny was adopted, and so was my father, and now that my nanny is dead, it’s even getting more complicated. I still don’t believe that am the first psychic form our family line.

My granny and I were the best of friends. The bond was unbreakable. She was always jumpy, though I never understood why. I would sometimes hide and jump out at her just to see her reaction. Well, it just hit me that was very mean.

“I have my reasons”, that’s the answer I would always receive whenever I tried to find out why she was this way.

Before she died, one time I heard her speaking to someone in her room, but I later found out she was alone there. This was months before she passed, and her condition health wise was still fine.

Most of the time while visiting her, I sometimes saw a man in a hat, in a black and white photo. He was always around the living room. I didn’t mention this to anybody, however, as I grew up I learned that she had a 14-year-old brother who died.

Judging from all these occurrences, I am almost sure my gifts were passed down form her.

She actually visited me after her passing to help me discover my own gift and this turned out to be the most intriguing experience I have ever had.

As for my dad, I know very little about them. We are not close and haven’t really had what can qualify as a relationship. However, we are alike in many ways. Traits and personalities. He is fully responsible for my creative gene.

One problem though. He is an addict. Normally an artist, but addiction overpowered him. Intuitives tend to cover the effects of intuition with drugs and alcohol…

He bars himself from those around him, pushes them away and then puts the blame on them. This is the life of an addict, but the same could also reflect someone who has very little understanding of themselves.

One time while dropping me home he had a story about a wolfman he saw in the woods. Could have been drugged, or just his active imagination. You will never know.

Clairvoyants have the ability to paint a picture for you since they can see it occurring through their mind.

Worries and fears or even desires can manifest as clairvoyance. If you’re fighting to turn your gifts off, you won’t be able to differentiate between imagination and intuitive abilities, especially if there are drugs involved. From the look of things, both sides of my family have been responsible for these genes.

Check out for hints and clues form fellow family members. My grandmother always claimed to be psychic, but then I would just joke about it.

My father saw astrologers most of the time. We both loved mysteries. Follow your family lineage to find out if you have any psychic abilities.

Therefore, its true intuitive gifts are passable form one generation to the next.